There aren’t many other ballparks in my past other than the three in the Minnesota Twins history, so this won’t be long, but maybe you’ll like it.

ewens field.jpg

I grew up on the Mesabi Iron Range, near Virginia, Minnesota. The ballpark there was called Ewens Field. I have no idea who Ewens was, but I do know the high school ball games were there, and other events.
Of course, I can’t go too far without connecting this to the Minnesota Twins. Every summer for as long as they have been around, the Twins would send out men to do workshops for baseball. Part of it would dedicated to actual scouting players; another part would be to teach simple baseball skills – batting, pitching, baserunning, catching – it was all very well done. The head guy I remember then (I’m guessing 1964 or so) was a man named Angelo Guliani – he began the Twins clinics. He died in 2004 at the age of 91.

Oh, how I wish I could have seen a game here! It was as close as we came to seeing a minor league team (The Duluth Dukes) when we’d drive down to Duluth for various reasons. I never got into the stadium, much less see a game. It was rather kind of a Holy Grail for me that I never got to see.

COMISKEY PARK, Chicago White Sox

When I first met my wife Sue, her folks lived southeast of Chicago, which meant the opportunity to get to a different ball park. Comiskey Park is on the south side of downtown Chicago, so that’s where we went. Sue, her dad and I drove into the area, got our tickets and took our seats under the overhang behind third base. The game got rained out quite early, so we left the stadium, bummed that we got rained out. As luck would have it, the rainchecks for that game we a while later in our visit down there, so we got to see the Twins play the White Sox… the treat that night was a home run by Tom Brunansky … how fun was that to see! The old Comiskey park isn’t there any more, meaning we got to see a true old time ball park. Which brings me to . . .

candlestick park.jpg
CANDLESTICK PARK, San Francisco Giants
We were visiting Sue’s sister Sandy and her hubby in the Bay Area, when Greg arranged for us to see a game at Candlestick Park, which was not so far from their place at all. Greg also had a ‘V.I.P. Parking pass, which meant we parked right next to the stadium. It was a summer day, but upon the advice of our hosts, we wore sweatshirts (WE being me, Sue, and our kids Heidi and Steven). The seats Greg had procured for us were maybe 8 rows up from behind home plate in the sun … we bought two other seats up higher along third base, and THAT is where it was cold. The breeze coming of the bay was as we were told – cold, colder, and worse. I sat in the ‘good seats’ with one of the kids for half of the game, and then the kids switched. Sue got stuck up in the cold seats for the whole game. What a wife!
Here’s hoping we’ll get to more ballparks over the years. We’ve driven by the St. Louis field and the Kansas City field, but that’s as close as we’ve come to others so far.