Small town boy all the way…. I grew up in a small town of less than 1000 people, put in my four college years at a small college in southern Minnesota, and then taught music in a town that boasted 374 citizens on its signpost out on the highway when last I looked.

My wife Wilma and I have been together since 1983 – and our two kids Pebbles and BamBam are grown and away from home.  I keep busy with this blog, doing some basic stuff around the house (I’m not exactly high in power tool aptitude) – I like to bowl, and I look forward to the golf that warmer weather affords me.

I taught music for those 34 years — and music remains a big deal for me.  I sing in a local choir at times – in church choir — and participate in community theatre, including musicals.  I am a trombone player since fifth grade, piano since second grade, and by default learned all the instruments through those 34 years of band instruction – but that’s all wind and percussion; at no time should you confuse me with a string player.


Wilma and I are retired — have been for 3 years now – and we’ve done some traveling, with plans to continue to do so.  Nothing in the plans right now, but we’ll get there.


I hope you enjoy my writings – I am ham enough to admit that.  I do enjoy writing them, that’s for sure.