trump putin

 Harry Truman, who made one of the most difficult decisions to use a nuclear bomb in an attempt to end World War II after having replaced a four-term president and re-elected to office.

Dwight Eisenhower, who led our military forces in Europe during World War II, built the interstate highway system, and warned us of the military-industrial complex and served two terms as president.

John Kennedy, who stood toe to toe with Russia over missiles in Cuba and was assassinated in office.

Lyndon Johnson, who spent years as a elected member of the Federal government and brought about civil rights laws, re-elected and chose not to run again.

Richard Nixon, another man who served as vice president and held other elected positions and opened China. Elected twice and resigned his office.

Gerald Ford, who served his country as an elected person for many years in congress and tried to help the country heal after a difficult situation.

Jimmy Carter, who graduated from West Point and helped design nuclear submarines and held elected offices at the state and national level.

Ronald Reagan, who rose from sports announcer to state governor to the presidency, who is known for this statement, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall.”

George H. W. Bush, who served as ambassador and vice president before his presidency.

Bill Clinton, a Rhodes Scholar, who rose through the ranks of state offices to be elected twice as president.

George W. Bush, state governor, professional sports franchise owner and two term president.

Barack Obama, rising through state and national levels of politics to lead our country.

Look at all these men. Add to this list the huge numbers of men and women who have been studious and committed to policy and decision making in our country for the government as members of elected posts or served the FBI, the CIA, and the military. They have all contributed to a history of our country and helped establish responsible, decent government, complete with successes and failures. Nonetheless, our country has stood and has been revered for that history.

We are told now by President Donald Trump that all their work, all their advice, all the history they have with foreign policy, is just so much bunk. We are told beyond a shadow of doubt that their work is null and void as far as any investigation they’ve done. Beyond a SHADOW OF DOUBT.

We need to claim the legacy of our history. We need to honor the work of all these people, and of all our citizens, who have acted with good hearts towards such history.

I have run out of shadows. Enough.