Carew Poster.JPG1969 Poster containing the TWINS Home schedule for that year, autographed by Rod Carew
I got this at a Father/Son banquet at church in the winter of 1969. It is my most prized baseball keepsake.

all star baseball.JPG

Ball from the 1993 All-Star game in San Diego from my sister in law Sandy
Sandy was living in Sand Diego back then, and she and her boyfriend went to the All Star game that year. I gave her a hard time about not bringing me a souvenir when she first came for a Christmas visit… and wouldn’t you know, lo and behold, she had this ball all wrapped and ready for me. Red Face time.

matchbox car.JPG

Matchbox Truck with the Twins logo
No idea when and where I got it. It’s just cool

Stan Musial record.JPG

Stan Musical’s HOW TO HIT record album, distributed by Phillips 66
An actual record, complete with a sheet filled with pictures of how to bat. The record includes radio clips of Stan Musial’s biggest moments in baseball and the voice of Stan Musial actually giving batting tips.

Peewee Reese.JPG

My oldest baseball card – a 1953 Topps Peewee Reese
As an adult, I got back into baseball cards as I saw the market exploding. I went down to a card shop in St. Cloud and found this card – as well as others. I was born in 1953, so it was cool to me to get this one.

Molitor rookie.JPG

My Paul Molitor Rookie card, 1878 Topps
Like I said, I got back into baseball cards as an adult, and found myself with nearly a full set of 1978 Topps cards. One of the more valuable cards is this Paul Molitor rookie card – and who knew bck then how he’d be connected with the Twins.

closet cards.jpg


. . . and many baseball cards, including several complete sets. I have a good many boxes of cards and some complete sets. My thanks, might I add, to an understanding wife.