When it comes to the oral word, baseball has its share of great stuff. We have seen CASEY AT THE BAT(written by Ernest Thayer) in several versions – Disney did a cartoon version, and it has been spoofed several times in other ways. Here I give you a YOUTUBE link to the poem itself as done by James Earl Jones with a very nice orchestra background by Steve Reineke, if I have done my research correctly. Then, there’s a reverse version of the poem that Garrison Keillor wrote and performs here – we hear it from the OTHER team’s point of view. Then there’s a song by Peter, Paul and Mary called “Out in Right Field” which tells the story of being stuck out in right field, because that’s the safest place to put the untalented player … and therefore it is MY story as a kid. Finally, the all-time great favorite “WHO’S ON FIRST” with Bud Abbott and Lou Costello.  If you have others, share them with us who love this way to talk about baseball.


CASEY AT THE BAT … James Earl Jones

garrison keiller.jpg
(“Casey at the Bat” as told from the other team’s view)

RIGHT FIELD . . . Peter, Paul and Mary

WHO’S ON FIRST … Abbott and Costello