Field of Dreams aerial.jpgBut hey, can you say bucket list?

For a change of pace, we took a different way home from my mother-in-law’s house in Indianapolis. Our usual route would be to cross into Illinois, go north on 39 to Rockford, through Wisconsin and then home to Brainerd. But this time, we traveled west from Bloomington, Illinois to Iowa, and then into the Amana communities and then to Dyersville, where the movie FIELD OF DREAMS was filmed. And since my theme for the month is baseball, I will stick with the FIELD OF DREAMS leg of that run.
June 26, 2014.  It took us a while to weave through Dyersville. It’s a small town; we found ourselves winding around grain elevators and through residential sections of town – good thing that we had our GPS. The FIELD OF DREAMS itself is east and a bit north of the town itself, winding along farmland roads that look like they lead nowhere, much less a well-known movie location. It took us a mere five minutes on these roads, and we came around a corner, and . . .

6 26 fod me and sue bleacher house.JPG
There it was! A large white farmhouse, fields of corn (it was midsummer when we went there, so the crops were up but not quite that high yet) and a dirt driveway into the property, just like the movie.
We were one of only three cars there – it was late June, nearing late afternoon. It was a clear blue sky, quite warm, but comfortably so. We crossed the small parking lot and stepped onto the field – right about where Ray Kinsella first faced Shoeless Joe Jackson. We walked around the perimeter of the field, taking in all angles, and me taking pictures of all angles, of course.
Fun moment – Sue stood behind home plate with the camera, and took a shot of me at each position. When I got home, photoshop helped me do this . . .

6 26 fod Charlie Positions panorama.jpg
We did the ‘stick your hand into the corn’ shot of each of us, but since the corn was quite small yet, it didn’t have the impact of James Earl Jones checking it out in the movie. Then it was time to sit on the bleachers and pretend we were listening to Mr. Jones deliver his ‘People will come, Ray” speech. Another couple asked us to take a picture of them with their camera, and they returned the favor. Access to the house was not an option. After taking it in some more, it was time to visit the small souvenir stand, where we bought a few items. We took one more look as the sun was getting lower over center field, got back in the car, and headed out. It was a short visit – but it fit in that bucket list very well.

6 26 fod charlie corn.jpg   6 26 fod sue in the corn 05.JPG