Oh, yes, there’s nothing classier than watching a team run out of the dugout at the beginning of a game in their absolutely untainted, clean uniforms as the game begins.

Home uniforms. Away uniforms. Socks, leggings, hats, jerseys, pants, and all that. Add numbers, names and logos, and you get the typical baseball uniform.

There are classical looks in uniforms – and here are two for you. As much as the Yankees are the hate-target of baseball fandom, their pinstripes are as definitive of baseball class and style. It is pretty much the same for the Dodgers uniform, with the readily identified logo that has served them for so very long.

yankee pins.jpg  4-baseball-uniforms-changed-through-years-1951.jpg

There are the ordinary fashion statements in most baseball uniforms that leave no impression at all, is if they didn’t exist at all, except to provide protection from the weather elements and from slides into bases with the runners coming up covered in baseline dirt. The fielders, too, often cover their ordinary uniforms with grass stains on the knees and elbows after the gymnastic catches that are made as they glide across the grass in pursuit of the ball flying just within or without their reach.

And speaking of sliding into base, there are the ridiculous decisions regarding uniforms. All you have to do is look at the scene in A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN, when the team organizers introduce the uniforms to the ladies…. A short skirt that would do nothing to protect the player when sliding – a nutty idea.

league of hteir own.jpg

And then the ugly. Someone explain to me the scrambled eggs on the bill of the cap of the Seattle Pilots, a team that was created in the American League in the late 60s – they lasted a year, moving to Milwaukee to become the Brewers. Maybe this ugly uniform was the reason why.


So then, let’s leave it there. Uniforms are a part of the game that give identity to every team and have come in all sorts of styles, a myriad of colors, silly ideas like shorts (herein I include the White Sox uniforms of the 1970s ….).

white sox unis.jpg

I enjoy a classic baseball uniform. It is the feathers that dress up an already handsome game.