DSC06547.jpgJosh and Julio

Occasionally, my baseball interest brings along circumstances that are difficult to explain.

Take Julio Becquer. He played for the Twins in their first years as a backup first baseman to Harmon Killebrew. He didn’t play much and didn’t last in baseball past that year, having played since 1952 with the Senators, a short time with the Angels, and then back to the Twins, who were the Senators before they came to Minnesota.


Take me. I taught in Pillager Public Schools from 1976-2010. I had many students over those years as a band director and music teacher. I’ve been retired seven years now and have time to write about how I love baseball and the Minnesota Twins.

Take Josh Brekke. He was my student in the late 1990s and a little into the 2000s. He took drum lessons and played in the percussion section in band. I didn’t see him much after he left Pillager school. He is now living down in the Twin Cities, working for a lawn care company. The picture here is Josh with his fiancé, Nicole.

josh nicole.jpg

Now tie them all together.

Josh had read some of my Facebook baseball musings a few weeks ago, and contacted me, sharing how he, too, enjoys baseball, among other sports. In our conversations, he offered to send me an autographed baseball that he owned. He wanted to do this as thanks for how much he enjoyed band back in his Pillager days. (That makes a guy feel so good – and humble). He didn’t tell me who signed it. Over the weekend, he messaged me a picture of the post office receipt that showed he had sent the ball. I really wondered whose name would be on that ball.

The ball showed up in the mail yesterday. It was signed by Julio Becquer, who, as outlined above, played in the first year of the Minnesota Twins. I sent Josh a note of thanks, asking where he got the ball. Josh explained he had been to the Twins Fest last year, getting the ball and autograph at that event.

So now, thanks to contact with a former student from just over 15 years ago, I have a ball signed by one of those 1961 Twins, when I first started to love baseball.

How cool is that?

My thanks to Josh and Julio!