Movies about baseball

A list:
Field of Dreams
A League of Their Own
Rookie of the Year
Angels in the Outfield
The Natural
Fear Strikes Out
Major League
The Pride of the Yankees
About three of these:

field of dreams.jpg
FIELD OF DREAMS is my top baseball movie. It is the story about an ordinary guy that has extraordinary things happen to him. A loving wife, a sweet child, the development of some amazing friendships (I wouldn’t mind being pals with James Earl Jones) and just the touch of magic that makes baseball the kind of thing that so many of us appreciate.

Leauge of their own.jpg

A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN Who knew Madonna could play baseball, much less Rosie O’Donnell? And what about Marla Hooch? Gena Davis, Tom Hanks, and Gary Marshall add to the fun. Hilarious in places, touching in others, this movie gives us a look at at the professional women’s baseball league of the 1940s. And hey, there’s no crying in baseball.


SANDLOT; I must give credit to former student John Knebel for drawing my attention to this one. He used the line, “You’re killing me, Smalls” so many times in class that I finally had to find out what all the excitement was – and he was right. It is the collection of boys who get together for the sheer fun of playing ball in a field with no specific dimensions and perhaps a mystery or two beyond the fence or on the desk at home.

The rest of these I’ve seen, but the three above are the ones that I don’t pass when I find them on the air. Baseball fans are looking forward to even more baseball movies.