My baseball team, the Minnesota Twins, have played in three different stadiums.

The Met.jpg

METROPOLITAN STADIUM. Very bare bones for sure. Metal framework, very little glitz and decorative items – unless you count the TWINS-O-GRAM out by the scoreboard. Box seats, bleachers, and three decks behind home plate. It was located far south of downtown Minneapolis, so to get there from my Uncle Paul’s house in Anoka (where we always stayed when we went to a game) it was a good hour-long car drive. Stupid little fact for those who don’t know: The Mall of America now sits where the Met used to be, and includes a home plate at the same spot where the MET home plate was. I’ve seen games from the third deck (my first ever, with my Grandpa Johnson, my dad, and who knows who else … I was maybe 8.) and along each baseline, and in the left field bleachers. At that last game, I was there with the sixth-grade school patrol kids from Parkville and we saw the Twins hit four consecutive homers in a row. I saw Mickey Mantle and Carl Yastrzemski there.


HUBERT H. HUMPHREY METRODOME. Used for both the Twins and the Minnesota Vikings (I think that’s a football team or something like that . . .). A covered dome, with a cloth roof the same color as a baseball … now, there’s clear thinking … and a guy even hit a fly ball so high it got caught up there. The dome collapsed often, which led to its eventual demise. To prepare it for baseball (from that shape that the other game required) seats had to be folded up and a large tarp (called the BAGGIE) hung in the right field. I’ve had occasion to watch games from every side of the field – including a few playoff games (Angels in 2002 and Yankees a few years later.) I saw many big names – George Brett, Jeter, Bo Jackson, various White Sox players … Pretty weird for a stadium, really.

target field.jpg

TARGET FIELD. Opening in 2010, this is a REAL baseball park. I’ve only been to a few games so far – left field bleachers for our first game, in which Jim Thome hit a tenth inning walk off home run to beat his old team, the White Sox … and up high above third base with my friends the Stengels and a few with Sue … and then over at the far end of right field when I got to be at a game when my fourth grade teacher John Pagliaccetti was the veteran who got to raise the flag during the anthem. One very cool thing that the other stadiums lacked: I can get there on the North Star Train, saving me parking and the headache of downtown Minneapolis traffic. This is a big improvement over the first two stadiums. I trust it will be there for a long time and be the home of many championship teams.