I really must be amazed at the world of Google Maps and the WCCO weather app on my phone.  These tools allowed me to capture aerial pictures that I’ve been hoping to find.  And here’s the product of waiting.

Pre and post storm smaller.jpg

On July 12, 2015, a windstorm hit the Brainerd Lakes area, taking out an abundance of trees and inflicting damage to many homes, cabins, and businesses.  Above is a demonstration of how that storm impacted us and our friends at the Donnybrook Homeowners Association at the end Johnson Road, about five miles north of Brainerd.  The picture on the left is before the storm – and the one on the right is after the storm.

The RED X marks the spot of our place.  The picture on the left is from GOOGLE MAPS, before the storm hit.  The picture on the right is from the WCCO weather app; it appears this picture was taking the spring following the storm.

Notice the trees nearly covering our place.  These oaks had been there a long time – three of them, to be exact.  One of them came down and covered our park model from stem to stern, including a branch through the roof of the living space and another through the deck roof.  A second tree covered our shed (to the lower left of the home) and a third came down between our place and the place to the south, leaning on our grill, which we still use.

The whole homeowners association lost many, many trees.  Here’s a larger shot of before and after the storm . . . the difference is amazing.

larger size donny.jpg

big post.jpg

It took weeks to clear all the trees. But now, 2 ½ years later, all is well, more or less.

So I marvel at the photographic tool known as GOOGLE and Photoshop Elements, but I also marvel at the power of nature and the power of the people who worked together and recovered from that natural power.