Let me take you back four months to Christmas Eve. Raise your hand if you spent a lot of time worrying about the issue I mention above. That’s what I thought – virtually nobody at all.

I’ve shared my theory on a few MEMEs that have popped up. Here it is.

THEORY: Virtually no one was concerned with, nor even aware of, a transgender bathroom issue until some legislator in some state decided that it WAS an issue – no, wait. Not an issue – a crisis; a crisis which required immediate action in the form of a law. END THEORY.

And then it hit.

Fan them flames, folks, whether it’s a fire or not.

And now we have people posting concerns about children getting mugged in the bathrooms. We have postings and pictures of “odd looking people” that carry texts that surmise what such a person might do in a bathroom. We have people posting similar things about how it’s not a problem so everyone else should just be quiet.

And we have states banning travel by state employees to one state or another based on what that original law-maker got passed.

And we have corporations that are making statements about how they’ll handle business within the jurisdiction of that original lawmaker and his law.

And we have people boycotting businesses who make some sort of statement about that original lawmaker’s law.

Don’t you wish we could get the same kind of fervor when it came to rebuilding our roads or improving our schools? Or when it came to funding schools? Or airports? Or tax policy? Or foreign policy?

It is time to stop these lawmaker-created crises… and its conservatives and liberals alike that come up with such things. Ban this. Limit that. Requirements. Penalties. Fines. Plug in your own favorites here as well. Many topics will fit, I guarantee it.

Government needs to be a positive thing; one of the words in the preamble of our constitution is “promote”.

Let’s get back to that. Time to start promoting, folks, instead of what we’re doing lately.