cher ger

My sister Cher and my bro-in-law Gerry.


Today is my first brother-in-law’s birthday. Gerry Anderson has been around the Johnson family for – well, since 1968 by my recall, when he started hanging out with my little sister Cheryl. They dated throughout their public school years and then married in 1976, just a few days after I returned from a trip to Europe with the Gustavus Adolphus Jazz Band and Pop Choir – there’s s story there that involves Ger’s nice hot Camaro, a meal of hot dogs, and me suffering from jet lag, but that’s not what this blog entry is all about.

Anderson, Ger

Gerry, visiting me in the early years of my time in Brainerd. 1977.

Gerry is quite the guy. He and my sister make a whale of a married team – as well as any married couple I know. Gerry is industrious – he earned a college degree while he was working – and has worked for several companies, and owned his own. He is highly talented with skills involving tools (oh, I wish I fit into that category . . .) – which makes him awful handy to have around when the drier quits working or there’s some rewiring needed somewhere. He is a dedicated husband, a great father to his 3 sons (Hey – sounds like a TV show we used to know), and just a good buddy to all his pals – I include me in that group.
He and I have shared some good times – early on, he and I dealt in swapping favors involving camera equipment and travel – and speaking of travel, the four of us (Ger and Cher, Wilma and me) did a cruise to Mexico, which was a great time.
Gerry enjoys his ethnic heritage – no person I know can fire up and enjoy a sauna like Gerry does. (To you neophytes out there – that’s pronounced “SOW-NAH”.) He thoroughly enjoys his extended family – over the years, I’ve seen him revel with his siblings, enjoy his aunt’s cooking, and being dedicated to his mother. He is a serious hunter (Deer, elk, pheasant) – a hobby he has passed onto his sons, who revere him in the same way Gerry reveres his own roots.
Spoiled? Not Gerry – unless you add in his granddaughter. Then the guy is wrapped around that tiny little finger so very firmly and lovingly.

Gerry and granddaughter Raelyn.

Happy Birthday, Gerry Anderson. May there be a good 60 more years.