I have been a teachers’ union member and have gone to school board meetings when it came to protesting teacher cuts or some other educational issue. It would make no sense to go to the local gas station and expect my protests to be heard and/or acted on.

I joined in on a few OCCUPY sessions in our town. We stood outside the city hall once when the issue was government control. We stood outside a bank once when the issue was the whole banking controversy a few years back. It would make no sense for such a group to picket a cub scout meeting.

It makes sense for the pilots of SunCountry airlines to picket when they are in negotiations for a new contract. This just happened in our state, and their actions made sense. However, if they were to picket at a local knitting shop, it would have made no sense.

When Black Lives Matter demonstrates in Ferguson, I understand that. When Black Lives Matter demonstrates at Capitol Hill in Washington, I see the purpose. Recently, here in our state, Black Lives Matter demonstrated at a light rail station to protest police brutality after an incident that occurred there. That made good sense to me.

But I cannot see the sense in this. That same chapter of Black Lives Matter that protested police brutality at the train station will be demonstrating again to bring attention to police brutality. However, this time they are going to stand at the 25-mile mark of the big marathon race in the town, disrupting that race to bring attention to that same police brutality issue.

Could someone explain this to me? A marathon has no more to do with police brutality than a gas station has to do with teachers, or the local OCCUPY group to show up at a cub scout meeting, or pilots at a car dealership.

I hear it already. They have the right to protest. Yes, oh my and that’s a big DOUBLE YES you bet they do. It just seems to me that when you protest something, you are somewhere connected with the source of the issue. Take that demonstration elsewhere, and people will not necessarily understand. Your group may suffer a credibility problem.

Like I said, could someone explain? Please?