My Wife Wilma

Sue and Me in Cologne

I have been gone for a month from my blog – only because Wilma and I took a 20 day trip to Europe, thoroughly enjoying ourselves as we boated from Amsterdam to Vienna – but more on that later, and I will make up for those missed weeks on this blog as time goes on, especially with some words about that trip.

This is Wilma’s birthday week, and if you’ve been following this blog, you’ll find I’ve been writing about significant people in my life as their birthdays come up. Wilma is next. And no, you don’t get to know her real name… “WILMA” has become quite a fun joke on this blog.

We’ve been married 32 years now. Wilma has been a superb partner for me. She has taken care of me in so many ways – she is my go-to. If I need to discuss something, she’s there. She sees that I have good meals. She sees to it that I take care of myself. She and I have teamed in raising two very fine kids – and I thank her for all of this.

Those of you that know her have seen a woman who works hard – who has a work ethic that is unsurpassable. She retired after teaching over three decades, where she taught high school music, elementary music, and a handful of years in special education. She has served as church choir director where she was admired and respected for her work there. She has been a driving force for 3 years of the music festival here in town – none work harder – well, maybe AS hard, but not harder.

She has been on the community theatre stage often – and we’ve shared that interest since the beginning, when we met. She was the rehearsal pianist for GUYS AND DOLLS at the local community theatre, and I came in to audition. Since then, we’ve been in many shows together – OKLAHOMA, RUTHLESS, a couple of the DON’T HUG ME plays, and two CHURCH BASEMENT LADIES. More to come, I’m sure.

Add to that a local choir that we’ve been members, where we’ve had some fine vocal experiences that in some ways rival some of the best musical experiences of our life – and since we were both music teachers, that is quite a list.

At home, we have our different interests, but we also share a great deal. We read, we take in movies, plays, and tv shows, we like much of the same foods – it goes on and on.

So during her birthday week, I thank Wilma for all she has been to me. I wish her a good many more years of good living and joy.