Steven, just this week.

Steven, just this week.

I have seen this guy his whole life. I have seen him grow from that little baby in that first very hot summer (when he was just a few weeks old, we put him in the baby seat and took him to cool off in the theatre while we watched DIE HARD ) . . . to the little boy who played in the sandbox and swung on the swing set in the backyard . . . to the elementary school boy who found himself walking back to school from daycare when he forgot his homework . . . the preteen boy who gave a shot to martial arts and paintball guns . . . the high school guy who dug into the arts, especially choir and theatre, not to mention some self-taught guitar . . . and the college guy (Concordia/Moorhead) who took his work there to heart and learned all he could . . . and then off to work as a professional technical director in Ithaca, Syracuse, Colorado Springs, and Concordia College/Moorhead, MN, again. This has been his own personal arc so far, and I suspect it will continue to soar.

With Grandpa T

With Grandpa T

With Grandpa J


He and I have become fond of conversations of all topics – he is aware of world issues, which makes talking with him a very interesting pursuit as we share our differences and similarities on these things. I look forward to future conversations as we delve into other topics not yet faced – and will do so with respect and honor that we seem to have for each other.

Parent dad

Son and Father


With his mother at Boldt Castle in the Thousand Islands


All of us – Wilma, Steven, Me, Heidi

As a family member, Steven has always been a loyal son to his parents. Never a cross word, never a rolled eye at what ‘the old man’ might say – and he and his mother understand each other in so many ways that I have yet to learn. He and his sister have always been a wonderful team, from their childhood projects of building a construx roller coaster together (it took them all night, but they did it….) and to building some deck furniture for us. They are so good for each other.

That silly momentupcoming used care salesman


So on his 27th birthday, I am proud of my son. I look forward to even more times together, filled with strong bonds that began back in 1988.

Happy Birthday, Steven.  I’m glad you’re my son.

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