My Sister Cher

She had her birthday earlier this month, so I would like to write about my little sister.

Cheryl. Cher. Vanilla. Blondie. Li’l Hilda. (an homage to Grandma Ruud) Ger’s wife. Paul, Adam and Dan’s mom. Jill’s mother in law. My other sister Jean’s sister. Sister in law to my wife and my older sister’s husband. Grandma to Raelyn. Auntie to several, friend to many. And more.

She’s just a kid, as far as I’m concerned. She’s a whole 2 years and 6 months younger than me – well, minus one day. Either way, she’s a young’un.

Of the three of us, she is the outgoing one. She warms up to folks easily, converses well with everyone – it’s not that Jean and I are curmudgeonly, Cher’s just
our Miss Congeniality.

She likes to be busy. Need a volunteer to help out at a bake sale? Call Cher. Need a host for something or other? Cher can do it. Need a pan of brownies? “Done”, says Cher.

She is good to talk to. She and I spend a good deal of time online visiting, and we’ve exchanged family news, keeping up on hometown news, chatting about other folks we know . . . She’s also quite formidable at online Scrabble, for that matter.

She is down to earth and practical. All you have to do is watch her raise her boys. No nonsense when it was time to do what mom says, but hey, fun and games are there, too.

Cher was the first of us three to get married. She and Ger have been together since the mid 1960s – and they are quite a pair. They complement each other, and when I think of it, they compliment each other, too. They share so much – common goals, common thoughts, common sensibilities.

Cher started out as a dental assistant, which she did for several years, and now she is a kindergarten aide. Both jobs she pursued with her best efforts and enjoyed the work and the people she worked with.

Let it be said, Cheryl is a wonderful sister, and I am glad to share her with all these other folks and with the world.