The Big CAITLYN Decision.  Well, not THAT big.


Right.  I know.  Bruce Jenner was that guy who did all that stuff back in the Olympics and even had his picture on those boxes of Wheaties.  He has been in the limelight over the years for several things, so he does have some celebrity status.  Ergo the excitement.  That may or may not be important.


Checking out some of the numbers, there are almost a thousand such procedures done each year in the U.S.  (  That makes our celebrity here one in a thousand this year.  One in a hundred is one percent.  One in a thousand is even less.  This same site says there are about 50,000 transsexual women in the U.S.   That makes our celebrity 1 in 50,000.


So what do you say?  Let’s be aware of the news, and leave it at that.  It is not a moral victory for those who wish to endorse this kind of stuff, it’s not a moral loss for those who belittle it.  It’s just a story about a once-famous guy who has chosen to go through something that a very tiny, miniscule, microscopic portion of the country chooses.  Period.


Texas and its water problem.  California, too, for that matter.


Some of those videos have been amazing.  All that water has been a big surprise to many, since Texas has this image of being so hot and almost desert-like.  California is drying up like a raisin (get it?  California Raisins – oh, never mind)   Some are saying that such things are evidence of global warming.  Maybe it is.  I am too unschooled in the whole meteorological world to really have an opinion matter, but I think of this . . .


Our world has an extensive atmosphere.  Weather and climate occupies every single cubic inch of the air.  That’s a great deal of space.  That weather is constantly changing in those cubic inches.


If we humans weren’t here, would there still be storms and cataclysmic weather phenomena? Of course there would be.  These would come in cycles – ice ages, and then periods of melting, and then ice ages … on and on.


But we humans ARE here . . . all 6 billion of us, and that number is not going down.  For all intents and purposes, we humans are at the top of the chain.   Therefore I have to consider that we do indeed affect the weather patterns with our behaviors.  I mean, really – add six billion to anything and you’ll notice a difference.  Give those six billion highly active behaviors and you’re likely to see even more effects show up.


So, how much of the weather in Texas and California would happen if there were no humans on the planet?  How much of that weather is due to the existence of those humans?  You sure can’t say we humans cause 50 percent of it, but you certainly can’t say we have no effect either.


So how’s about we get our head around the idea of being good stewards of our planet and being a bit more cautious over how we do things?


The Minnesota Twins and a successful May.


Oh, I just love it that the Twins have had a good start so far this year.  I have been pretty much beaten up by their play over the last 3 or 4 years, so the wonderful record of 20-6 in May is a heart-lightening thing for those of us who hang on our Twins caps on our heads every summer.  It may not continue, or it may, but it has been a fun ride this year.  There are several new names: Rosario, Nunez, and others … and a few old names who are working well, particularly Dozier and Plouffe… The big addition as far as I am concerned is the clubhouse leadership of Torii Hunter, who should never have left the Twins in the first place.


May this continue this year.