Trains and the Twins – Baseball with Class and Style

05 07 Twins Train Target Station

The train at the Target Field Station

05 07 Twins Train CaseyDoris

Doris and Casey Stengel, my hosts

05 07 Twins Train Ted

Ted Kotyk


May 7th, 2015 found me pursuing something good; a Minnesota Twins baseball game with good friends.  The four of us know each other from our membership at Bethlehem Lutheran Church – but that has little to do with the event – we enjoy a good baseball game.


Casey and Doris Stengel have been Twins fans since there have been Twins.  They have attended many games and seen many fine moments in Twins baseball.  For the second time, they have invited me to join them at a Twins game in their seats that they share with their family.  It was my luck that the rest of the family couldn’t make this game.  And since there were four tickets, that also allowed Ted Kotyk to come along.  Ted is another long-time Twins fan, so he was glad to board the van as I drove us down the road.

The plan: take in the 12:10 ballgame at Target Field, Twins taking on the Oakland A’s.  Our route; I drove the four of us the 80-some miles to Big Lake, where we caught the Northstar train right into Minneapolis, disembarking at the Target Field station.  We walked the 100 feet to the door of the station, up the escalator, out to the right, then out the door and to the left, and then into the field itself – up two more escalators, and there we were, very close to our seats in section 224, row 4.

05 07 Twins Target Stadium

On our way in. . .


Immediately, it was time to find some food.  I left the three to walk around some – toured the gift shop which was crowded with kids who were there on a school field trip – (oh, I know what that’s like – I was the beneficiary of a similar trip in 1966 for my elementary school patrol …but that’s another story – or it would be if I could remember more of it.)  Then on down to see what other concessions were available – and returned to find Doris and Casey placing an order at the Kramarczuk’s sausage concession in line myself and ordered one with the works (fried onions, sauerkraut) and a nice beverage – and slathered on the mustard.  We walked together to our seats in row four of section 224 and settled in for a fine game of baseball.

Oh, by the way – the weather was cloudy the whole time, with some rain showers in the first inning that didn’t even send us into under cover, and another session of rain in the top of the fourth that DID get us out of the rain …

05 07 Twins dugout rain

some rain in the fourth inning


The game started right on time – Nolasco starting for the Twins, which made me a bit nervous – he hasn’t been the most solid pitcher for the Twins; Pomeroy started for the A’s, who I had never heard of.  Much to our dismay, we watched Nolasco give up a few runs almost right away ..and much to our happiness, the Twins answered.



Rosario drives in what would be the winning run


Hunter swings away


Danny Santana fouls one off

It was that way all through the game … a run here, a run there, some rain, some funny stuff on the jumbotron, some good talk about who’s up next, whether or not a new pitcher should be put in …


And I walked the entire length of the second deck, camera in hand, taking pics of various things and of various angles of the field… and of my pals sitting in their place.

05 07 Twins Kotyk Stengel and Stengel

Ted, Doris and Casey abide the showers….


Following the game, we made our way back to the train and enjoyed another ride on the rails, not fighting any traffic at all, talking about the game, visiting about other matters… and then back to Big Lake we came, ready for the ride home.


I suggested a stop at the Dairy Queen… no problem, there, folks.  Some DQ, some soda pop, some food, and back on the road we went.


It was good to see the Twins win, considering their lame start to the season back in April.  It was good to spend time with some good people … Casey, Doris and Ted are special folks – I am glad to number them among my friends …


Baseball and friends – Class and style all the way.

05 07 Twins Infield shot

The view from row 4, section 224