Is it just me or was that a great tournament? There seemed to be little or no controversies over this and that – the referee work got minimal complaints, there were a good number of upsets, and hey, those final four games were as good as we’ve seen. I’m not a big fan necessarily of the sport, but it sure was a good gig all around. Congrats to the NCAA for running a good tournament and to all the teams who participated.


But then Indiana. Having passed their law regarding religion and owners and all that, I have this to say. In the best light possible, giving all the benefits of the doubt out there, this is an example of poor legislative practice in creating, writing, sponsoring, enacting and signing a law as can possibly happen. This law ended up worse than the bills we wrote in our senior ‘social problems’ class in high school. These elected officials should have known better as to how to write a bill and how to use clear language. The whole state government should have been a whole lot more aware of the problems that were to come from this bill. The governor should have sent it back on the bad language alone, regardless of his stance on the issue. As for the other states who have some form of this in place – we’ll see what pressures arise and what happens to those other laws.

Baseball season

I am a serious baseball fan …well, specifically, a serious MINNESOTA TWINS baseball fan. I don’t give much of a rip for the National League until the World Series – I just follow the Twins.

I know. So sad for me. How can I do that? How can I follow that squadron of ill-skilled players? I guess I’m just loyal. That’s all there is to it.

The Twins have started out with no wins and three losses. Here’s to a season with a record of 159-3.

Yeah, right.


Cruz or Paul? That’s what the Republicans are offering so far. More to come, I’m sure. Will it be another Bush? Will it be a woman who picks up the Republican banner? In all honesty, I don’t know which woman who would be. Sarah Palin has become a media/sensation/Reality TV stale joke, so I don’t think she’d have the carrying power. Are there any other women out there who might meet the Republican needs for a presidential candidate? I would love an answer to this one.

The Democrats? Okay, it looks like it’s almost Hilary C. Good old Hilary, who has been around since 1992 in one way or another and who carpetbagged her way to a senate seat in New York, which turned me off to her political work. But then, who else? Elizabeth Warren? Bernie Sanders? Joe Biden?

So put this all together. We haven’t really had a president who came into office with a good deal of international political experience… I did like George HW Bush for his work as an ambassadorial work. But look – Obama, Bush II, Clinton, Reagan, and Carter all came into office with not so hot international knowhow. LBJ had at least a good strong senatorial career before he was thrust into office, as did Ford. Nixon got elected twice because the Democrats did to themselves what the Republicans are trying to do to themselves this time around. Kennedy came with minimal international exposure and experience, so that brings us to Eisenhower – a military guy who wasn’t necessarily a politician.

Maybe that’s what we need.

I sure wish Colin Powell had run before. Maybe he’d do it again.