Subtitle:  No one cares who puts up the billboards, and no one will care if you share something if all you do is put your name to it.


When I was growing up, we would take a trip down the road.  There would be billboards all along the road, advertising all kinds of stuff:  hotels, restaurants, bait shops, malls, gas stations … you name it.  I also noticed that in our neighborhood, a good majority of those billboards had a small label on them on the bottom center of the billboard, identifying the company who put up the billboard.  In our part of northeastern Minnesota, that company was NAEGELE SIGNS.

The signs were huge when you think about it.  They were held up by three or four telephone type posts, and then maybe – oh, who knows – the bottom of the sign was a good eight feet off the ground, and the sign itself was maybe sixteen feet tall, and a good 24 feet wide.  That’s big.

These signs made their pitches in glorious living color and in large lettering, with some pretty classy illustrations as well.

And did anyone ever think that NAEGELE endorsed and/or supported the products on their signs?  Of course not – they were just shills, hired by the companies to put up the signs.  It got to a point where you didn’t even notice the “NAEGELE” part of the sign any more at all.

So if all you do is share, share, share and more share with no word of why you have chosen to share, share, share, you will disappear into the depths like NAEGELE, and eventually your sharing will just be so much white noise.  You will be eventually ignored by the passive, and considered a pain by others and then you’ll be sent to that area where Facebook people can click “I don’t want to see any more of this person”.

This Billboard Brain syndrome isn’t in any one category.  Politically, there are conservatives and liberals who are guilty of this method.  Also guilty are those who think it’s funny to drop in an F bomb at the end of an otherwise cute statement.    There’s those who post statistical stuff.  Doggie clips, cute cats, comments about education, men, women, getting old, staying young …. Not to mention all those wonderful little surveys about ‘what kind of cheese are you’ or ‘What color hair are you?’

If you must ‘share’ something, please realize you will make a larger impact by including some of your own thoughts.  Like I said about Naegele signs, eventually you will come to be regarded as merely a shill for whatever you’re sharing.

Be an individual.  Share if you must, but let us know it is YOU sharing.