Sunday night found me taking notes through the Oscar ceremony.  Four pages of notes.  Now to cut them down to much less.


The opening number was a visual feast – Neil Patrick Harris was fine, but it was the video clips that made it an interesting moment.  And hey, for once, I even liked something that Jack Black did.  NPH I’m sure had a big part in producing this, and kudos also for some good technical ideas on this fun opening numbers.


But let’s hit the show.  Songs first.  First off, throw out ‘Lost Stars; and the Lego tune.  Pretty ordinary at best.  Maybe add ‘Grateful; to that as well.  I was hoping there would be more to the Glenn Campbell song ‘I’m Not Gonna Miss You’, but it unfortunately wasn’t all that outstanding.  That leaves ‘Glory’ as the best — and indeed it was.  The right song won the Oscar.  My own lack of understanding still fails to grasp why a segment of ‘Glory’ included rap music.  I do not understand it.  It added nothing to nor detracted from the performance.


And then Jennifer Hudson did the song following the Memorial sequence.  She’s wonderful, but the song just added unnecessary time to the show.


Musically, though, I was truly surprised with Lady Gaga’s SOUND OF MUSIC set.  I was ready for her to rip off her skirt and pull off one of her gimmicks – and much to my delight, she did not.  She showed some pretty incredible pipes for Broadway show tunes – she sang so very well with Tony Bennett a few weeks ago on the Grammies – I hope we hear more of this kind of music from her rather than the gimmick laden gumwah we’ve seen in the past.


Style?  How about style next.  So many beautiful people — gowns, dresses, cleavage, tuxedos, hair styles – all very Hollywood and classy.


Except Jared Leto.  Try again, buddy.  You looked out of place in the past few awards shows.  Get over it all, please.  The 60s are over.


The awards for the technical and artsy things had one thing in common – blabber blabber blabber blabber (cue the orchestra) blabber blabber blabber.  This is part of the reason that the show was long – too long.  Particularly, the lady with the black dress made out of fuzzy balls and then yammered too much.  Not being a well-versed on the aspects of the areas of these awards, I have to say I’m sure the decisions were all solid ones.


The lifetime achievement awards were too long – and I would have liked to have seen more of Mr. Belafonte – especially clips of his early years.


That was a cute bit between IMINUTZI GARDANZ and Flidy BUTSRUCKER.  (Idina Menzel and John Travolta…..).


True royalty of the night showed up when Julie Andrews came out after Lady Gaga’s segment. . . and appropriately gave out the Oscar for best score.


And that was a good speech from the president of the Academy.  The whole SONY thing had died out some; her words may rekindle interest in the matter.


I always appreciate the MEMORIAL segment – I am surprised by a few names, but wow, it was a tough year.  Robin Williams left us too soon, and there is a good deal of thanks for all those who had been around so long – such as Mickey Rooney.  I’m glad we pay tribute to those who have come before.


And now on to the ‘big’ awards.


I have to see WHIPLASH.  Having been a music teacher, I know how it feels to lead kids as they build their musical skills.   However, I didn’t have the insistent angry passion that we saw in the clips of the movie.  JK Simmons acted the beans out of the part, and delivered a very nice acceptance speech… yes thank all your parents and talk to them.  I might add that it would be a good idea to thank your teachers, too.


I do wish to see BOYHOOD as well.  Patricia Arquette’s speech was totally correct in all she said – just out of time.  It just seemed out-of-place to deliver an activist type speech for a topic that hasn’t had a lot of news coverage lately.  At the same time, maybe it will get the ball rolling – or maybe I missed something that came out of the movie that moved her to this speech.


Best director – the Birdman guy – good enough for me.  Again, I have not seen it where I am – and I suspect this one won’t come to my town, being as surreal as it is.


Same thing for Boyhood.  I bet we don’t get it here, so we’ll have to red box it or something.


Wilma and I did see IMITATION GAMES, and therefore understood perfectly what screenwriter Graham Moore was talking about.  No spoiler here – we liked the movie and recommend it.


GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL was a royal delightful fun show.  Wes Anderson’s style takes some adapting – yet, it is an entertaining style that we don’t see enough of.


Does anyone else besides me think that Liam Neeson looks totally Finnish?


And so also on our list is THEORY OF EVERYTHING.  I sure admire Mr. Redmayne did a fine job, and I want to see it.  The movie may have been through town when we were out-of-town over Christmas.  His speech surely was truly sincere and humble.  I hope he’s not a one hit wonder and that we see more of him.


Julianne Moore is another we need to see.  Her speech is so Hollywood, but yet so very ‘love my husband and family’.


Sean Penn gave us BIRDMAN as best movie.  Can someone explain to me why it had to be Sean Penn?  I didn’t understand that at all.


And so, one more year done – a pretty good show, but it was too long.  Neil can host again.  That would be just fine with me.