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Marshawn Lynch and Kanje West and the guy from the Red Sox

The attitude continues as we have others who are gladly carrying on the soul of Marshawn Lynch and his ever so kind attitude towards the fans that he displayed at the past Super Bowl events. Now it seems there’s some little scrubbini rookie for the Boston Red Sox who says he’s going to “Go Marshawn Lynch” on the Boston press. This little scrubbini, one Jackie Bradley, batted a whole .198 last year and struck out in about 1/3 of his at-bats. He has been quoted as saying, “I’m going to go all Marshawn Lynch this year. I just focus on me. I have to do what I’ve got to do. I don’t even talk about it to anybody.”

Well, how nice for him. May he hit .199 this next year.

And not to limit the Lynch attitude to sports, let’s look in on the pleasant heart of Kanye West. Yet again, he has appointed himself as the judge and jury of anything Beyoncé. He took it upon himself to let the world know that Sam Smith did not deserve his award.

Mr. West, you know what? You may be a good to better than good performer, but you sure have a way of being rude to your fellow performers. You are the Marshawn Lynch of the music world.


And while we’re on the Grammy Awards …

I didn’t care about the winners. Those who judged followed that part of the musical industry a whole lot better than I did. But the show? I didn’t watch the whole thing, but I truly enjoyed some of the moments – Katy Perry in her white dress in front of the silhouette was a very nice piece of work. Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga were a great duet – we could use more of that from Lady Gaga – she had the pipes for it, so maybe she should just get rid of the gimmicks and sing.

Let Madonna take a walk, and take her gimmicks and costuming and staging with her. I miss the performers who just take the microphone and sit and sing… Bring back performances like Bette Midler used to do …and can STILL do …

boston skyline

Boston and its snow

I know your pain, Boston. Last winter found me beat into the ground with the snow we had last year. Last winter truly womped my attitude, just ask my wife. I don’t blame the Bostonians at all for their frustration.

But, as Linus would tell Charlie Brown, be of good cheer. You will make it through this. We saw an amazing community called Boston rise up and unite in the bombings of the Boston Marathon a while back. A bunch of snow is nothing compared to that. Go get it, Boston.