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Let’s Deflate all the News out there.


First . . .


Deflate?  Football games?  Is that really news?


I would be surprised if there aren’t other ways to tweak the conditions of a game.  What If the field is watered a certain way?  What if there’s something you can do with the cleats of the shoe?  And you know what?  It’s not only football.


Take my favorite game of all: baseball.  Yep, there are things that can be tweaked.  Do you have a team that bunts particularly well? Have the groundskeeper soften up the sand around home plate.  Have him tilt the baseline just a little so the ball stays far – or goes foul, if such is the need.  I’ve heard tell of some teams keeping the baseballs in a freezer so they don’t travel as far when hit.


But the bottom line seems to me that the supervisor who supposedly inspected the balls prior to game time approved them.


Well then, shut up.


Second . . .


I know, I know.  There are a good two and a half dozen women out there with their charges against Bill Cosby.  I’ve heard all the gab from both positions.    Quick review:  he took advantage, he drugged, he’s evil, with this many women there must be something to it…. And … why did it take so long for them to come forward?  Where are the district attorneys and the arrestable charges?


Mr. Bill may be as guilty as ever – Jay Leno’s comments may be right.


I’ll go with you to hang the guy out to dry – but tell you what – let us let the system do its work.  As big a name as Bill Cosby is, I do not believe he has the power to intimidate so many official investigations.  Let the investigations go through their paces.  Let THAT be our standard.  Arrest him if it is so indicated.


Put on the social pressures if that’s the choice to make.  We’ve seen public figures lose their careers over their behaviors – from Lindsay Lohan to professional sports stars, you name it.  It may not be ‘officially’ the way.


In the meantime.  Let the man work.   Don’t go to his concerts if you wish to boycott, but it is no fair to judge those that do choose to go.


Third . . .


I didn’t see the State of the Union speech.  I didn’t avoid it, I just had a commitment that night.


But here’s what I came away with by this time …and it is the Friday after the speech.


First off, Obama got in a good shot with ‘having won two”.


He is doing his job … putting forth what he sees needs to be done in the next year.  We have a hint so far of what the Republican-controlled congress will do, and we will indeed hear more from them.


Let’s hope these two branches of our government pound out a solution, rather than dig in their heels with their own agendas, which has gotten us how far down the road since 2000?  Oh, that’s right.  ZERO.


And the Republican response. …. Also didn’t see it.  An interesting note:  The liberals are bashing her as the next female out of the Republican mold.  The next Sarah Palin?  The next Michelle Bachman?  I’ve seen that kind of less-than-believable report often and from several sources… and like I said, interestingly enough… I haven’t heard any Republican/conservative reports come to her aid and defense.


I’ll leave it there.


As for the Super Bowl, I’ll make my prediction now.


Seahawks by 2 ½ pounds per square inch.