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Book Review
By Jessica Gunderson
Illustrated by Seitu Hayden
Published by Capstone Press
ISBN 978-1-4296-5471-5 (library binding)
ISBN 978-1-4296-6267-3 (paperback)
32 Pages
Age level: 12 and up

The life of Malcolm X is as complex as any American figure. His life included a great deal of twists and turns that crossed some important eras of American History and of family and social standards. Understanding that, it is clear to see that writing a book that covers all of this man’s life would be a daunting task.

Published as a graphic novel (‘comic book” style, but I hesitate to use that phrase due to the serious nature of the book), there are a good many illustrations. The colors are rather muted: no bright colors to speak of; mostly blacks, grays, and browns, but with a few splashes of reds.

The text, as one would expect in a graphic novel, is concise. There is more dialogue than description or explanation. Words used therefore should be clear, with no extra words thrown in. The author does a fair job of following this kind of style.

In a unique approach, the book contains four chapters; not what one would expect to find in a graphic novel. (I admit to a very limited amount of experience with the form). However, I found it difficult to follow the chronological order of Malcolm X’s life because of the intertwining of the chapters. Perhaps a chronological presentation would be more effective here.

I was struck, too, by what was not included in the book. We meet Malcolm in prison a few times, but we don’t learn why. Elijah Muhammad (Malcolm X’s mentor) and the group he leads (the Nation of Islam) should be described deeper. Was Elijah an American? Is the Nation of Islam an American institution or a global organization?

I selected the age group for older readers due to the more mature events that involve violence.

There is an index, a glossary, and a list of further readings at the back of the book. Since this book offers just a small slice of the complexity that was Malcolm X, the reader would be wise to take advantage of the extra readings and the information offered in these sections to learn more.

Take that to heart – read this book, but realize it is just a beginning into the man. Read further for the whole picture.

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