The Golden Globes are done for another year … and here’s a pile of thoughts from watching the three-hour telecast extravaganza. I claim no expertise except that I am a fan of movies, more than some folks, less than others. Take this for what you want.

Some General Points – Why is it that it takes so very long to get up to the stage when they’re announced as a winner? Make the pathways clearer, make it easier to get up there, and hey, when your name is called, quit hugging everybody, you can do that later, and get up there.

And – The set sure was cluttered with all those golden columns. I understand the need to fill the space, especially since there were no musical numbers staged, but the clutter was just too much.

Amy and Tina – nice job. I’m not sure I’ll miss you next year (which is what Meryl Streep said), but it was a good final turn for them. The line “THANKS TO NORTH KOREA FOR MAKING US ALL WANT TO PRETEND WE WANTED TO SEE ‘THE INTERVIEW’ was funny. The shot at Bill Cosby… eh, probably not.

It was nice to see a ‘common’ guy win a Globe. J.K. Simmons, who we know from the American family Insurance commercials, took on for WHIPLASH.

The president of the Foreign Press came out and made a very solid speech about free press. Bravo!
Melissa McCarthy presenting a clip of ST. VINCENT was totally appropriate, since she had a big part in the movie … in which she didn’t play a loud, fat obnoxious chick for a change … and yes, the movie was good and well worth the nomination. If you haven’t seen it, do so.

I still don’t get what the big deal is about Prince. He screwed up the intro by saying ‘score’ instead of song. John Legend did a whale of a job with his speech, making the point that we gotta drop it ALL and get on with life.

Ricky Gervais should be banned from these events. He’s an embarrassment to the industry. Fortunately, Amy Adams followed him, so she diffused some of his crassness.

The guy with Selma Hayek? (Kevin Hart?) Same thing. The guy was an embarrassment. I’ll let him come back because it’s his first gig there.

I was glad to see Jared Lehto cleaned up a bit. No, wait. A lot!

Jack Black could easily become the American Ricky Gervais. I hope not. Take the hint, Mr. B.

Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda together was a superb idea.

Julianna Margulies and Don Cheadle were entertaining in their opening bit for George Clooney. Clever dialogue that they actually pulled off and didn’t look like they were reading the teleprompter. George made a good speech…. He seems young to get the Lifetime Achievement award, but hey, he has achieved a great deal. Looking forward to more of his work.

GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL won the Globe for the best comedy film. I support that choice. It is an odd little thing, but it is so very entertaining in such an odd way. Kudos for recognizing a film with that kind of attitude about it.

Just have to brag a little bit. Chris Pratt’s parents are from my home town … well, his dad is, and his mom is from the next town over. I played with his dad as a kid, and knew his mom in high school. And even better, Chris P. is doing a FINE job out there!

Amy Adams presented an award to Michael Keaton. Include George Clooney, and you have the top three literate speeches of the night.