We celebrate Christmas in so many ways – there are so many angles to that whole ball of wax that we call the Christmas season. There’s presents and decorations and snowmen and cute TV shows and Christmas pageants and drinking Tom and Jerrys and eating huge feasts and empty inns and mangers. All of the flavors of Christmas serve us well in one way or another – some more than others.


You have to admit – we get some pretty silly traditions going at Christmas time. Some of us enjoy certain silly things, some enjoy others. This first picture – a troll doll complete with earmuffs and music, ready to be considered a Caroler? We’ve seen it all – dogs dressed up with reindeer antlers, songs about Grandma’s accidental demise at the hands (hooves?) of those same reindeer… commercialization of Christmas where candy canes cover even the most banal advertisements – and that idea can run from the local liquor establishment to those dang duck guys on TV who will make money on the seasonal gift idea at the drop of a camouflaged hat – heck, saw a guy I know get a CHIA PET duck hunter guy. Fun stuff.


And I don’t mean the electrical type. I mean the light hearted stuff that warms the heart – the baked goodies that only grandma makes in her certain way that every generation after her attempts to copy her recipe but never quite get it right (mostly because the pan grandma used had a certain magic to it, right? You know I’m right.) And there’s the clothing that comes out for Christmas – some fit in the previous category, some here – and then there’s the TV stuff. Is there any better than CHARLIE BROWN’s CHRISTMAS? I can leave FROSTY THE SNOWMAN but I can still tell you it was narrated by Jimmy Durante, with the snowman voiced by Jackie Vernon … and the GRINCH? Gotta have it! I do miss the Andy Williams Christmas shows – watched MICHAEL BUBLE last night and, well, no – a cheap attempt at that Andy Williams class and style. The Christmas movies – ELF, IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE, HOME ALONE –Literature? Oh, yes! TWAS THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS and Dickens telling us about Scrooge and Tiny Tim … its all there, and all fun.


Salvation Army red kettles, Toys for Tots, drive-through Christmas light displays where you bring canned goods for admission. Children’s Christmas pageants in church – the programs at our schools and colleges – we can get some fine stuff going on here. The news reports and the newspapers carry feel-good stories about good Samaritans, about things happening at nursing homes involving volunteers and Santa and a dog or two. This is a more active category – there’s more participation, more things being accomplished, more hearts being warmed by others.


For me – it all started with that little kid in Bethlehem. Had this event not happened, whether you buy into it or not, Christmas may not have been there at all – or it would be so completely different. The birth of Jesus back then is basically the BIG BANG of CHRISTMAS – it’s the beginning, the onset, the start of the whole shebang. God coming to earth – interesting concept.

So Merry Christmas to all of you – and celebrate the way you are so inclined. I wish you good health, good love, and good life . . . and God be with You.