It’s your turn.  I want to hear from you.


This month, I registered for the National Blog Posting Month event, wherein the participants write something in their blog every day.  There’s no prize, no contest, just the challenge of the event.  But yet, my curiosity and my ego want to know what you thought. Therefore, I seek your words.


Did you read any of this?  Did you like it?   Was it dull?  Was it boring?  What did you like?  What was poorly written?


I wrote on current events, family, silly stuff, some reviews, hobbies, cats, and childhood memories.  Some of them, I feel, came out pretty well.  Some of them were pretty forced or contrived. Editing will come later for these 30 blog entries, if at all.  Some of them may develop into an article for something or other – one already has: my Nov. 20 story about watching THE CHRISTMAS CAROL, after I edit it and work it out some more, will be printed in the HOMETOWN FOCUS up in Virginia, MN.


I admit to having my own degree of ego in my writing.  I want to know that people read it.  I write it so others can read it.  I mean, it’s like being a chef.  Would I cook a meal and then just let it sit there and not get it consumed?  Why should I, as a writer, be any different from that chef?


That chef likes to know if the food was ‘done enough’… if it was seasoned properly… or salty or sweet or sour or chewy or grissly or smooth or chunky … tasty, savory, meaty, fruity, vegetably (Don’t think that one is real….).  The chef wants to know if the serving was the right amount – too much main course?  Not enough dessert?


No self-respecting chef would settle for comments like “Gee, that was good.” Or “Not so tasty”.  He can be better chef and produce a better product if you are specific.  Best place to respond might be via Facebook or at my blog at


So with all this in mind, would you respond a bit with some comments about what I’ve written this month?  I would so appreciate it.  Let me know what I do right, what I need to work on, what you’d like to see…   I’ve included a list of the 30 blogs I did for the NaBloPoMO (National Blog Posting every day for a Month) event.


And thanks for reading, and for even considering this request for some input. . . . it will be used, I’m sure.



Nov. 1  A review of the movie St. Vincent

Nov. 2  Voting and faith and what one believes in the booth

Nov. 3  more voting stuff

Nov. 4  our family tradition of ThanksChristGivingMas

Nov. 5  Three snow adventures that turned me off to winter

Nov. 6  Different kinds of Yawns

Nov. 7   Seeing a truck with a Rick Nolan = Hanoi Jane Fonda

Nov. 8  a review of the play/concert Steerage Song

Nov. 9 our cat Ella

Nov. 10   Remembering the Edmund Fitzgerald

Nov. 11 Customer Service

Nov. 12 Bowling

Nov. 13 Black Thursday

Nov. 14 My pal Dave and his Home Depot commercial spot

Nov. 15 Half – things that come in a ‘half’

Nov. 16 A review of Les Miserables at Concordia College

Nov. 17 Bring Back the middle of the political spectrum

Nov. 18 My family tree

Nov. 19 My cameras over the years

Nov. 20 Seeing CHRISTMAS CAROL in the school basement

Nov. 21 how a piano works

Nov. 22 Names I like and don’t like

Nov. 23 Odd football bowl games

Nov. 24 Ella the cat and her playing styles

Nov. 25 Human Relations class and Ferguson

Nov. 26 Prudence Plentiful the mascot of Thanksgiving

Nov. 27 Thanks for Music and what it has meant to me

Nov. 28 Reaping what got sown in my teaching career

Nov. 29 My aunt Shirley

Nov. 30 Asking for comments on my writing