Halfway, that’s what I am.  I am halfway through the challenge of publishing something in my blog for every day throughout November.  I’ve written about serious subjects, I’ve written some drivel, I’ve written on topics that caught my attention for the day.


And today is halfway through November.  Let’s take that word ‘half’ and run with it.  This, by the way, will qualify as drivel.  I hope its FUN drivel.


Half-sister.  Okay, I have two REAL sisters, one older, one younger.  They are each a full-time sister.  Does that mean I have FOUR half-sisters?


Half-wits.  Personally I have some degree of wits.  I don’t know if ‘half-wits’ is a standard of any kind.  Since we use only a tenth of our brain, is a half-wit truly the smart ones?  I mean, really, that would make them five times smarter than the average person who uses a tenth of their brain.


Halftime.  Yes, that break between periods of an athletic contest.  Football is a good example.  Two quarters, then halftime, then two more quarters.  Exactly halftime. How about that! What else would you call it?  Oh, I know.  Let’s call it “The Opportunity for Some Starlet to have a Wardrobe Malfunction” time.


Half-and-half.  In the world of dairy, there’s this product with that name.  Is it milk?  No.  Is it cream?  No. Is it half-and-half.  Why, sure it is, how did you guess?  With all the other names for dairy products out there like yogurt and heavy cream and all the cheeses, you’d figure the dairy industry could have come up with a better name than half-and-half.  Might I suggest crilk or mileam?


Half-baked.  Well, no one likes bread that’s still doughy, do they?  Everybody doesn’t like something but nobody likes cold in the middle, hot on the outside.  Ish.   Then again, it could mean the left side is baked and the right side is raw…Either way, like I said, Ish.


Better Half.  This is the term given to the distaff half (there’s that word again) side of a spousal arrangement. She’s the superior one, the good one, the one who is with “it” and knows where “it” even is.  And by the way, no matter what you say, that “it” isn’t the husband.  It just could be that he’s the BEST half.


Halftrack.  That thing in World War II movies… the name of the General in Beetle Bailey.  I have nothing clever here.  That’s it.


There are a couple of “half’ words that aren’t all that appropriate.  One of them refers to the offspring of one kind with another … and also a hit bit Cher back in the 80s, I believe.  The other word is commonly used at the pistol range, in which a shooter pulls back the trigger to a safety position … or (and here’s the dirty part) a condition suffered by Joey Buttafuoco.




And so there you go … my tribute to ‘half’.


Half of November gone, another half to go.