Every now and again, it becomes necessary to rely on some of the businesses and their employees for even some of the smallest of favors.  Today I experienced that kind of need twice, and in both cases, I came away with my issue taken care of and brownie points earned by the employee for him and the business.


Wilma came home last night and announced that the driver’s side headlight was out.  The task of getting that taken care of was added to my list for the next day.  No big deal, I’ve replaced bulbs on that car before.


I got up in the morning and backed the car out of the garage and popped the hood.  I had forgotten that the driver’s side headlight was behind the battery, and being barely twenty degrees outside, I was in no mood at all to take it on.  So, off I went to Mills GM in town.


I pulled in the facility there and my favorite service manager was there – Mike Swanson.  I told him my problem, he popped the hood, figured out how to pull the bulb, took it back to the parts department, where they ordered me the right bulb from a local car parts store, which was delivered in ten minutes.  Mike then installed it himself while I paid the bill for the part – there was no charge for labor.


Kudos to Mike – he’s part of the reason I go back to Mills GM.  (By the way, yes, THAT Mills GM, of Stewart Mills and his family.)



I came home from that errand, only to find I had another little crisis to deal with.  As I took my coat off, my watch fell out of the sleeve.  I picked it up, and upon inspection, discovered that the pin had broken off.  Later on, after supper, I ran myself to the mall and Riddle Jewelry store, where I’ve had the watch serviced before.  ( a nice Fossil watch, by the way, which Wilma got me for our retirement…)  I didn’t get the name of the man behind the counter, but he took it in the back and found a pin.  He handed it back to me in twenty minutes, good as new and now sitting on my wrist and back on the job. Oh yeah… no charge.


Kudos to the guy behind the counter at Riddle Jewelry.

There’s something to be said for small town attitudes about service.  These two are just a few of the good people I have found to do a great job for the customer.

As for the businesses themselves, Mills has grown into quite a large enterprise, but as long as they employ the likes of Mike Swanson (and a few others …let me name Rick Shroyer in sales as well) we will be customers.