This weekend Wilma and I traveled down to the Cities to join our daughter and her hubby at a Twins game, then a night in the downtown Radisson, and then taking a shot at getting rush tickets for My Fair Lady.  Let’s take them in that order.


We  checked into the Radisson in downtown Minneapolis and then picked up the kids at the state fairgrounds, where they were having a ball at the BMW motorcycle rally – yes, our daughter rides!  She and her hubby have become real adventurers, which I find fun and interesting to watch.  Wilma, however, requests that they not tell her when they’re going on a ride until AFTER they’ve returned home safely.  we parked back at the hotel and started the short 3 block walk to Target Field

My dinner    Zoomer Heidi and Zinger Jon

Supper, you ask?  We got ourselves a table in THE DEPOT TAVERN just a few blocks away from Target Field.  I had a REAL corned beef Reuben sandwich… very interesting taste in the beef; I liked it.  Then of course, there’s a beer or two to be had over such a meal.  The meal offered us a chance to sit and visit.  It was casual, it was nice – it is always so good to be with them….


Then to the stadium, section 220, front row.  Unfortunately, the game started with the Twins pitcher (Kevin What’s His Name) giving up a single, a single and a homer…. Twins are down 3 – 0 and there’s not even an out registered…. hence my choice of headline for this week’s blog…. the Twins – and I am as deep and steady a fan as anyone, so I hesitate to say this – are in sad shape.  Two Twins errors, weak bats that seemed to send little to the outfield, and some real lackluster defensive play.  So henceforth, considering how much tickets cost for a ballgame  ( we went with mid-range cost for the tickets) I shall in all intents and purposes not attend a game in person unless they have a .500 record or better.  One plus:  my nephew and his wife surprised us by showing up in our section to say hello….what a nice surprise!   We endured the entire length of the game (and boy, did I ever consider leaving at about the 7th inning….) and took the kids back to the fairgrounds – where they were camping with their cycles….  At the conclusion of the game, we walked back to the hotel, loaded up in the car, and took the kids back to their bikes at the fairgrounds.

Surprise visitors

Back at the Radisson – and it was okay.  We were a few doors away from the elevators, but we still heard them.  The coffee pot had some grounds in it…. a bit disappointed, but I slept well, so there you are.

And then off to the Guthrie to try to score some tickets for MY FAIR LADY.  We got there quite early, so we walked through the Mill City Farmers Market and grabbed a bite to eat at the little bistro in the Mill Center museum, not to mention buying a few books in the museum store — we are such suckers for those places!

And so — into the rush line we went.  at 12:30 (we got in line at 12:00) the tickets went on sale for $35 — we got two tickets, one in row J, one in row M, center section …. great seats!

Wilma and I have enjoyed several good theatre shows in the Cities… and this was one of the best productions we’ve seen.  Consider this:  MY FAIR LADY is one of those plays from the late 50s/early 60s that has become somewhat of a warhorse.  Preconceived ideas abound that find the audience (at least Wilma and I) sitting there and expecting the same interpretation of the same old show of the same old script of the same old songs of the same old bits… well then, why did we go?  My good buddy Dave Vieths gave us a rave review – and he’s not exactly Mr. Musical, so when he says so…. off we go.  Anyway, we were partly expecting the same old things ….  (photos are from the Guthrie website…)

ows_140474513279548                             MyFairLady


I cannot tell you how so very, very wrong we were.  This production brought us such a fresh approach to the whole show — no imitations of the Rex Harrison role and yet plenty of male bravado from Jeff McCarthy as Professor Higgins… a good, bright Eliza from Helen Aker (of English lineage herself — but just an aside fun thing: she has done OKLAHOMA in England.  Wouldn’t you just love to hear that show with an English accent?)…. the humorous optimism of Alfred P. Doolittle by Donald Corren, and oh how nice it was of Tyler Michaels to give us a Freddy who wasn’t a sappy love-swooning fop — he gave us a semi-silly goof with a whole new way to approach ON THE STREET WHERE YOU LIVE.

What’s that?  You say it was a six piece pit orchestra?  Yes, it was… and all those licks and notes that we’ve all heard from the soundtrack recording are there… kudos to Andrew Cooke for his work there, and for assembling a well oiled group of musicians…

Dance – Costume – sets — it all worked superbly.  We were also tickled to see some familiar faces from Chanhassen Dinner Theatre (Tony Vierling and Kat Brindisi) doing their thing.

The show is directed by Joe Dowling — and it runs until August 31.  To borrow a line from the show,

“Move your bloody arse and get to this one!”