I’m a day late, and that’s just the way it went.  Let’s start off with the people category.

Can someone — anyone at all – tell me the dang importance of Lebron James?  Here’s another jock whose mere existence is enough to have the pundits claiming millions being pumped into the economy just by his presence.  Oh, he’s good, no doubt.  He’s accomplished at his sport.  I get that.  I understand the excitement of home teams and supporting an athletic entity, but I do not buy it at all that any person – Lebron to Babe Ruth to Tiger Woods to Babe Didrikson – is the be-all and end-all to the success of a team or a sport.   So, wouldn’t it be a hoot if everyone got as excited over a new teacher in town?  Yeah, I don’t see it either.

Getting excited over one person like we’re seeing for Mr. James just doesn’t cut it for me.

And the inverse – wouldn’t it also be nice if we saw a whole lot less vituperation of certain folks?  I don’t care who that person is – our presidents over the last two decades seem to have garnished their share – and that goes for Republicans and Democrats alike.  Same for movie starts, rock stars, other athletes

We are just so polarized about such things.  Time to get over it.

And then, it may seem I’m going the other way in my words regarding another big name, and I wish I didn’t feel like I should say something, but here he goes again.  Jesse Ventura – Minnesota’s former governor, movie actor, wrestler, Navy Seal – has again shown himself to be a self-centered man of little sensitivity.

In case you’ve missed it, he’s suing the estate of a guy who wrote a book about the Navy Seals.  In the book, the author contends that he and Jesse had a confrontation that ended up with the two engaging in some sort of physical altercation, resulting in Jesse on the floor.  Jesse claims the incident never happened, therefore the book was defaming him.

Now read that again.  Ventura is suing the ESTATE of the author.  Yes, the author was murdered awhile back, and the Gov. Ventura sees it appropriate to go after his honor (and money, I will add cynically) from the widow of the author.

Shame on you, Governor Ventura.  You make me wish I could take back my vote for you that I assumed was going to be a wise choice because you would bring some new approach to politics.  Instead, you showed thin skin and disrespect for others.

And now, here’s one for the dogs … and the kids…. I dedicate this part to my friend TC.

You see, she is single, living on her own.  Her kids are her pets; her dog and her cats.  She is dedicated to them.  She treats them as if she is her kids.  She adores them, she does what she thinks is best for them.

One day, she and her dog were on the way home from the vet and had to stop at the store for some stuff pertinent to the care of the dog.  She parked as close as she could to the store, ran in, and got the stuff she needed, leaving the dog in the car.  The window was cracked open a bit.  She was back in minutes.

Unfortunately, some snarky, nosy lady was standing there, worried about the dog being in the hot car.  The lady started giving TC the business about abusing her dog.  This lady had little facts; she had no idea how long the dog had been there.  She had no idea WHY the dog had been there.  (Imagine if you will the ruckus that would have ensued had TC taken her dog into the store … and we’re talking Weimaraner, here folks….)  I am glad I wasnt’ there to see TC give it back to this lady.

Folks, be concerned all you want to for kids and dogs who are sitting in a car all alone.  But for heaven’s sake, please just be aware that sometimes you need to be aware of the facts.

TC would appreciate it.