Let’s start this week with some good stuff — some good people stuff.

Fourth of July – I was most fortunate (along with Wilma) to spend the holiday with some very good friends … former students – but I have to finally quit referring them to former students – that’s 30 years ago, doggone it!  Anyway, through the generosity of Kevin and his dear wife Kelley, and of Mike, we enjoyed a truly fine Fourth.  Who knew so many years ago that those music lessons I gave to Kevin and Mike would develop into such a lasting and amazing friendship…. after all these years, all I can say is that I am still astounding and highly appreciative of the fruits of such things.


Here’s one of the fireworks provided by Kevin and Mike… and the New York Strips and Ribeyes that they grilled up….


07 04 boyles fireworks 06 07 04 boyles meat

Family Reunion Time – Every Sunday after the Fourth of July, the Strand family of Eveleth would congregate at a certain home and enjoy each other’s company … and they have done so for more than sixty years, starting in what is assumed to be 1951 or ’52.  The original Strand kids – Hilda, Arnold, Gustav, Lola, Gina, Margaret, Alexander and Betty – are all gone now, but we still meet in their name and in their honor.  It was a nice Sunday afternoon on Ely Lake – some good food, some of the kids of the Strand kids in attendance, along with grandkids and great grandkids, and cousins and second cousins and in-laws and …well, you get the idea.  I so much value this family  and what has ensued because of all of them.  It is almost needless to say that if you look up family in the dictionary, you will find a picture from one of the Strand Picnics.

Here’s the original Strand kids… (Gusty, Hilda and Arnold in the front, Lola, Gina, Alexander, Betty and Margaret in the back….)  and here’s how we looked this year …

STrand picnic the family 07 06 strand people 01


The Facebook positive/negative test…. BIG DEAL!  It would seem we have been scrutinized by the underbelly of FACEBOOK.  We’ve been analyzed and measured without our permission – without our knowledge – and apparently, against our rights… our High Holy Rights….

Well, consider this, dear friends.  This kind of thing has been going on for years and years.  We have been through this kind of thing since Roper and Gallup the Nielsen’s first started taking polls.  Exit polls have been taken, allowing the networks to call elections for over 30 years now – and those are based on small samples of stuff…. so small that I don’t know a single person who was questioned during those samples…. yet there they were ..and ARE.

Where was your rancor when those polls and investigations were performed?  Did you scowl and complain to some government body when conclusions were drawn on so little?  I didn’t think so.

So go tell your high horse to go back to the stable and come out when it really matters.

Start Seeing Motorcycles – We were on the road, traveling on a major highway across Minnesota and there they were – 3 motorcyclists, bald heads, t-shirts, shorts… the epitome of highway safety.  I then drew my thoughts and came up with this.

A great deal of effort and money has been put into the START SEEING MOTORCYCLES.  I have every intention of doing so – it is a good idea to draw attention.  But you’ll have to pardon me a bit of a cynical thought.  Why should we start paying attention to motorcycles if yoyos like I saw ignore safety themselves and ignore helmets and other protective clothing?  My apologies to the majority of motorcyclists (my daughter and son-in-law included) who indeed follow every safety matter in the book, but it is frustrating.