I have a thought or two here;  these are in no particular order…. and some more relevant than others…

It seems there are many places that talk about how this isn’t so far-reaching as one may think — there are reports of ‘but it doesn’t cover this kind of birth control’ or ‘that kind of birth control’….  so exactly what DOES this Hobby Lobby decision cover as regards birth control/contraception?

I checked: you can buy into a Hobby Lobby franchise, just like you can so many other businesses.  Does Hobby Lobby expect prospective franchisees to be of the same mind as the Green family that owns Hobby Lobby in order to get one of those franchises?

Who takes over upon the death of the Greens?  Are they grooming someone for that eventuality?  Will such persons run the company with the same directives as the Greens?

Hobby Lobby is a private business.  Ergo, they can do what they want.  Hobby Lobby is open to the public – ergo, should they accept business from those feel differently about birth control than Hobby Lobby owners do?

I do think this is a rather dangerous precedent, law-wise.  I also think there will be laws rewritten that will make this decision moot.

Since Hobby Lobby wants nothing to do with funding any form of abortion, will they offer a program for families who wish to adopt, or who wish to attempt in-vitro fertilization?

Does being anti-abortion mean the same as pro-family?  I’m betting arguments could be made on this question.

So for now, let’s see where the dust settles, let’s see what happens when the emotions cool some —

‘Nuff said.


I had the fun of going golfing yesterday with my pals Jon and Dave.  Jon and I have known each other for many years – we belong to the same church, we enjoy much of the same things, and we have golfed together many times.  Dave is a part-time Minnesota guy who is a semi-retired teacher from Oklahoma.  His wife and I have done a good many community theatre shows together – and Dave and I are both big Twins fans, and do our share of fishing.

Off we go to Eagle’s Landing .. my favorite golf course in the area.  We play 18 holes, we enjoy some good conversation.  It was a good day.

And allow me to brag a bit…. but not until I tell you that the last time I went golfing, I had some very frustrating times … I had a great deal of trouble getting the ball in the air …. bad scores, etc etc etc.

Well, not this time.  I hit my shots in the air, which all by itself was satisfying …. but I had two instances where I felt pretty good.

The tenth green is a monster, especially according to Jon.  It is large, with two tiers, and is a down hill green; the front of the green is considerably lower than the back, with the tier halfway up the hill.  I wasn’t scoring well, but on this hole, I was able to make quite the chip onto the green.  My approach shot was from 60 yards out, so with a nine iron, I swung and drove the ball on a very low trajectory.  The ball hit the green just below the tier and then ran up the slope, ending up just about 5 feet off the uphill side of the green, just into the rough.  This left me with a very long chip (the flag was located in the lower tier…..)…. Jon and Dave were already on the green, both on the lower tier, with a much better shot than I had…. so with a very gentle nine iron, I tapped the ball onto the green and it rolled… and rolled, and slowed down… but still rolled, and got to the lip of the tier, gently rolling down that slope, and the ball stopped within 10 inches of the hole.

Jon and Dave granted me a gimme.  Felt pretty good.

Then there’s the 16th hole, a short par 4 – the green is up a hill enough to that when someone is on the green, you can see the tops of their heads from the tee box….. Let it be said, I was clearly bringing up the rear, score wise.  Jon and Dave are pretty equal as golfers; I was a good 10 strokes worse than their scores …but on this hole, it didn’t matter.  My drive took off to the right of the fairway – I expected I’d be in the woods again, but the ball took a nice bounce and ended up in the rough to the right of the fairway, about 150 yards out… but, the sight line was bad….. There was just no way I was going to see it from where the ball sat.  Yet, I knew where the green was from my many visits to the course, so I swung, the ball flew in the right direction, and I thought, “Hey, that’ll do”.  So then it was Dave and Jon’s turn to do their approach shot, which they did… as I walked to the green, I realized my ball was on the green… not a bad shot at all… and as we pulled up with the cart, I looked and darn if my ball wasn’t a mere 8 inches from the hole!  Jon and Dave has long putts, so I marked my ball.  They took care of their business, and I drove home that birdie putt… yes, I said BIRDIE!!  I don’t know how long its been  … or ever … since I’ve enjoyed a birdie!

So it was a good round, basically.  I’m a duffer of complete duffer skills, but I enjoyed the round today.