In my world, we have a government that functions on a system of checks and balances.  The executive branch has the veto power.  The legislature can override a veto.  Bills are dealt with in either house, then passed in either house after any differences have been ironed out between the two houses.  Once passed, the bill goes to the president who either signs it into law or vetoes is and sends it back to the legislature.  That is how it is set up, and that how it has worked for two and a half centuries.   There is also an impeachment process in place – if the legislature feels the executive is failing to perform, or abusing its powers, it may bring a trial to hear an impeachment process, with the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court presiding.  In my world — I put it that way because I may have some of this wrong.

I therefore do not understand the concept of suing the president.  Let me  admit that I haven’t delved into the details of the plans put into action by the Speaker of the House Boehner – I may be missing something.  I am certainly going to pay attention to see what it is all about.

I understand the adversarial nature of a two party system.  There are winners and losers.  There have been good losers and winners, and sore losers and winners.  But you still must play the game as it is defined.  This whole ‘suing’ thing  is outisde the standard game.  It is not part of the checks and balances at all.

So, I have a question.  Is it proper for the legislature … or a legislator … to sue the executive branch when there are already procedures in place?  It just seems that if Rep. Boehner and those who support him are displeased with what has been enacted, then is it not right for them to propose bills and get them passed by the legislature — and if vetoed, override that veto?  Is that not the system in place?

If Rep. Boehner and his allies see the president as abusing his power, then let the impeachment process begin.  That is what is laid out in our constitution.  It has been used in the past.  It is there for the very purpose that Rep. Boehner claims is the problem with this sitting president.

So again I ask … is this ‘suing’ thing out of bounds?  If our constitution is so very sacrosanct and so very wonderful, then why the need to do this kind of tactic?  It is this kind of governing tactic that has the citizens so very sick of those in Washington — and you know, its pretty much applicable to both sides of the aisle.

Is Obama out of line with these executive appointments he’s made (which is the burr in Boehner’s saddle….)?  Should he be called on it?  Maybe so – just like the first part of this writing, I honestly don’t know enough to make a determination of propriety…. but I strongly believe in the checks and balances of our national laws —


Let us use them.  No more ‘end-arounds’.  No more political tricks.