There are a good many household things that got taken care of this week —

PAVING THE DRIVEWAY and keeping it local — Well ahead of schedule, our old driveway got torn out and we’ll have new pavement installed this week.  Add this real hoot to the affair:  former student Scott is the guy I worked with for the estimate and scheduling.  He is now on the school board in the district I used to teach in.  I know his folks and a good many of his relatives – all hard-working, good people.

I’ve always been in favor of giving business to people you know, and Scott is just one of many.  There are two music stores in town; at one of them, I barely have any relationship with the owner, the other is a husband and wife who I also attend church with… .guess where I go?

There are other instances around town where I do my business because I know someone.  We bought our last vehicle from a friend who works for one of the dealers in town.  Two brothers who are former students run a business that installs sound equipment in cars/trucks/boats, etc… and have been very successful at it.  A former student is a part-time fishing guide, so if I ever need one, I will call him first.  When it comes to home repairs, there are several friends at church who have the necessary trade skills to address my needs.

Now such preference might be seen as a form of cronyism or patronage, but I say there’s something to be said for loyalty.


ON the national level, Karl Rove now seems to think he’s a medical expert.  Based on his observations, Hilary Clinton is a victim of brain damage, which she contracted in a fall a few years ago.  AS a comedian on TV pointed out, when she first got injured, Mr. Rove found it necessary to claim that she was ‘faking her symptoms’… and now a few years later, he’s claiming brain damage?

So, I’m tired of the talking heads on TV, especially those who are so clearly biased one way or another.  Here we are, a good two years from any presidential season, and we’re getting such comments from the likes of Mr. Rove.  I sure wish some of these folks would just shut up.


I am quite proud of the Minnesota legislature this past week:  they passed a law enabling use of medical marijuana.  It will be highly regulated, highly limited, and available to a small pool of folks.  I am glad they separated recreational-use pot from its medical applications: much like has happened with products of the opium family – or hey, alcohol, for that matter.

Minnesota has also become one of the first states to enact a law that will require kill switches on cell phones.  It seems to be an easy fix to the epidemic of the theft of these devices.


Memorial Day coming up – let’s make sure to thank a vet.