Sports fans, it is time to get a grip.  I did not watch a second of the football draft, but just what I heard during the evening and the following days, I couldn’t help feel that the whole affair — and a great deal of all this “backstage” sports stuff — is over-hyped and overcooked, oversold and over emphasized.

Thank you, sports media, for letting us know who is supposed to be the best, the strongest, the fastest… and selling products during the commercials that are supposed to help us be the best, the strongest, the fastest.  I am tired of graphics being thrown at me with explosions and swirling letters.  It is no more than popcorn and nachos at a movie…. no matter how much you buy at the concession counter, the movie will still be what the movie is.  So, sit down all you pundits, and get out of the way.  Sometimes you’ll be right about a player being a dud, being a superstar, being average… but more times than you care to admit, you miss more than you get right, and some of those misses are downright embarrassing, especially if you claim a first round player to be the next Babe Ruth, when in actuality, that player ends up being the next Ruth Buzzi.  (Check your GOOGLE if you need to know who that is… she warn’t no jock, folks….)

The news media is just as guilty of such fluff.  Do you and I really care how a guy lives as long as he brings it on the field.  I loved the speeches about mother, and I loved the straightforwardness of Michael Sam about who he is.  But, listen to the news media and you’d think one’s sexuality and family all but guarantee success on the gaming field.

We fans, too, are guilty.  We buy tickets to go see the first time a player appears — I remember that several decades ago, the Minnesota Twins brought up a young arm, taken early in the draft — Eddie Bane — and they sold out the stadium… it was hyped in the news, we fans got hyped enough … and Mr. Bane did a credible job that day … but his career was not so very hot —

There are a good many professional athletes out there who barely GOT drafted at all – and turned in a hall of fame type career.  They amassed great statistics, were popular with the fans… and no one saw them coming, but come they did!  Again, being a Twins fan, I point to this year’s phenom, Mr. Chris Colabello.   He played several years in the independent leagues — that’s BELOW the minor leagues, folks… and he is holding his own so very well in the first six weeks of this year …. and throwing the whole draft mystique into a full convulsion.

So, can we get back to the game?  Can we leave the thought that the draft is all that big a deal alone, and let it fade back into the back aisles where it belongs?  I want to watch a game with the best available athletes, letting their actions do the talking.