News Musings….and other such things…

In Nigeria, a group, saying they are acting on the word of Allah, kidnapped girls, intending to sell them into slavery and what have you .  I am betting that a good many of those who believe in Allah find this group is so very wrong, so very abhorrent.  At the same time, they are no different than those who wrap themselves in a flag of patriotism (for whatever country they love) and espouse whatever value they want to promote in the name of that patriotism. – we have our own right here in the US of A — for example, the whole gun thing, both sides of the abortion matter… we need to get away from such radicalism .. and why?  Because NONE OF US are guaranteed of having the right answer.

The CEO of Target resigned.  I wish him well but oh please, don’t let me hear about him being given a golden parachute of some multiple number of millions of dollars.

I am a die-hard Minnesota Twins fan — put me down if you want to for that; and my excuse is that it must be in my genetic makeup to root for them.  Year in, year out, I find myself following them like no other team in no other sport.

Peace to those who have found themselves clobbered by the hand of the weather systems — the floods in the east of late, and the raging tornadoes in the center of our country, and the fires that are harbingers of  the usual wildfire season out west….

On a personal level, let me say I have some fine friends out there.  This weekend, Wilma and I communed over dinner with two folks who have become good friends, and I suspect will become even better friends as we purse a common project.  There’s another friend who invited me to join him and others in performing in a concert at my former school where I taught for 34 years… thanks for the invite, and for thinking of me…. and to two gentlemen who came to my aid over a problem – trivial as it was – and solved things up for me…..