The letter came in the mail early last week.  Business size, sufficient postage, postmarked on April 16 out of Minneapolis, Minnesota.  The return address was that of the local county office of the XXX political party, using a particular box number right here in town.

The contents? Four pieces;

An addressed envelope to send back a donation in…. but no stamp.

A form to complete, including your vital info and how much money you’re sending.

A document explaining how Minnesota can refund political donations and how to get yours back once you’ve donated.

Now let us take the piece featuring the picture of a fine local family: Mom, Dad, and five kids, in full color, all of them dressed casually, smiling at the camera but squinting at the sun a little bit … (inexperienced photographer?  Maybe.)

There’s text below the picture, which is a short note from the mom and dad, introducing themselves as the county chair and secretary of the local XXX party, and how they are doing ‘everything we can to stop (I choose to delete the name) and (I choose to delete the name) from stealing our children’s freedoms.’  The words go on to say that the other party (which I will call the YYY Party) are out of touch.  It doesn’t say out of touch with what.  Then comes the solicitation for money.  At the very bottom, the name of the family in the picture above… no first names, just “The Smiths” (not their real name….)

My point?  Both major parties in our county are guilty of the same ‘non-informational information’.   They both disparage the other with vague and/or baseless comment like I’ve quoted (‘stealing from our children’s freedoms)… What exactly are those? Can you be a bit more specific?  At all?  Even a little?

And while you’re at it, how about telling us what YOU stand for?  IF the other party is so wrong, how come you’re so right? But no, there’s absolutely nothing here to convince me that (now pat attention, those of you who mail out such stuff) THAT YOUR PARTY IS ANY BETTER!

I can’t wait to get the similar letter from the YYY party with the exact same info about donating, with the same tax deduction info, an unstamped envelope, and a barely adequate picture of some local person in charge…. and with the same non-informational information.

My dear political parties, if you want my vote, you have to convince me that YOU are the right person for the job.  Pointing out the other party is wrong does not automatically make your party the right one…. In the meantime, this voter (and many like me) are tired of this kind of tactic, and it will indeed come and bite you in the posterior sooner or later.