Wilma and I planned a few months ago to take in the Michael Johnson concert – and things ended up so much better than we thought.

You see, I have a friend who is a former student … in fact, it has occurred to me that he was my student for 7 years at the most, when I taught him to play the sax.  After he graduated, our paths didn’t cross much at first, but he and I reconnected a good 20 years or more ago, and we have become good friends.  We share many interests – especially humor and good movies … and good conversation.  His wife, too, has become a good friend.  If you had told me when I first started teaching that I would develop such a friendship with a ‘student’, I wouldn’t know what you meant — but I do now!  Kevin and Kelly are now that kind of friends – and I so much value them…. and, I might add, there are several other former students who fit this category – a truly unexpected benefit of having been a teacher.  Thank you all for your friendship…..

So to make a long story longer, Kevin and Kelly gave us their tickets for last week’s performance of ONCE, down in the cities … no charge, just take them and enjoy … (which is so typical of their generosity) so Wilma and I decided we needed to get even for all those wonderful generous gestures … the four of us, therefore, headed north for supper at Billy’s – an eating establishment east of Pequot Lakes … and enjoyed a good meal and good conversation … very casual, no time pressures at all… and we dined well.  Then it was back to Pequot Lakes for a concert my Michael Johnson, guitarist and singer of excellent talent and skill.  He presented a fine show – sad songs, funny songs, some good audience patter – a wonderfully entertaining gig….. a night of good music, good food, and good friends!


Let’s wax a bit about the stupidity of what happened this weekend in Dinkytown, the small neighborhood community that borders on the University of Minnesota.  It seems the U of M hockey team earned its way into the finals of the National Hockey tournament with an amazing last second win… which resulted in kids and cops tussling a little bit out in the streets.  The next game would be for the championship….


And the U of M hockey team got beat.  It was a loss – no national championship this year….

What was the response?  You guessed it … kids and cops tussling a little bit ou tin the streets of Dinkytown.

Give me a real big break, willya?  THe exact same reaction to two opposite motivations?  Both a win and a loss elicit the same behavior?  Something’s not right about that… and let’s not get into the media fanning the incident by the tone it used to cover it – you would think we were back in Selma in 1964….


I am an average sports fan… I’ll be aware of some of the local teams – some more than others (GO TWINS!)… but it is the behavior of the fans of U of M Hockey during this past week that have me wondering about how some folks view the role of sports in their lives… and of how the media will buy into it as well.


I wish folks would be as passionate about such issues as education and health care and voting and life in general as they are about some sports and related events…. however, I also wish that that kind of passion would be tempered with thoughtful minds and hearts that produce positive effects as those passions are expressed.