April Seventh — a beautiful day for a walk – and I can’t say that enough.  Fully blue sky and temperatures in the 60’s for the first time since what seems like the Reagan administration.  There’s still a good amount of snow; all the roofs are clear, but most yards are still quite clogged with piles of graying, melting, wet, cold, snow, none of it at all appealing to jump into to make snow angels.


Wilma and I head out – I have set my cell phone to my RUNKEEPER app.  In its own cute feminine voice, it tells me “Activity Started” with academic indifference.  We head south, conversing as we go.

I hear birds!  I hear birds!  There are the usual crows, of course, but I hear robins — and as I look around, several of them are flitting around in the trees, doing in the branches what I wish I could be doing myself since about mid January.  I want to hop from branch to branch, ignore the ground, and curse out loud, “Damn you Winter!  You are OUTA HERE!”  MY glee would be light and wingy and … well, Robiny.


A bit down the road, we hear dogs add their two cents to the afternoon.  In particular, there’s this pitbull-looking dog chained up in a front yard.  We’ve seen him before, and he’s barked at us before, and he’s been held back by a chain that looks too big even for this fellow.  But, pit bull or not, his bark was as friendly as his wagging tail…. the message as far as he was concerned was, “Oh, Thank God this winter finally losing its grip on the world!  Bring me my kibble!  Come rub behind my ears!  Come and get me off this chain and let’s chase those goofy rabbits!”


And another odd scene; no, wait, the odd scene a couple or maybe three times on our walking route… Here it is, early April, early spring, and in three yards, almost right in a row…. Christmas decorations in the snow!


Now I love Christmas as much as anyone.  The traditional trees and food and drink and decorations and all that – and the carols and the Bible story and being with family and friends and celebrating and watching “HOW THE GRINCH STOLE CHRISTMAS” … but come on, dear neighbors.  Flip that calendar next to the refrigerator and see if you can’t notice the silliness of still having your yard Christmas decorations out.  In one yard, there was a complete nativity and some Christmas presents.  In another yard, there were 3 or 4 of those wire-frame reindeer, two of them having fallen over because the snow that supported them has dwindled into smaller piles of less than sufficient weight to keep them up.  In another yard, a plastic version of Santa and all his reindeer are lined up along the driveway.  They clearly are also having trouble remaining erect – and not only that, they’ve been out so long that the sun has faded their colors, so that’s a little awkward to have to look at.

Christmas was over 100 days ago now.  Heck , this is like still having Halloween decorations up in January.  Let’s get with the program, folks…. it is Spring!  It is almost Easter.  I am almost sure that if Jesus himself walked down the street, he’d walk up to your door and knock, with just one comment to say to you.  He’d look you in the eye, point to your yard, and then, as sardonically as he could, you’d hear, “Really?”


We finish our walk and I take out my phone to halt the progress on RUNKEEPER.  1.24 miles, some birds, some dogs, some silly yard stuff…


And it is spring!!!