They (and others like them) want us to give them all OUR identity, but they bury their identity – or for that matter, don’t reveal it at all.  THAT IS A SCARY THOUGHT.


If I accuse someone of being a liar, but don’t identify myself, I’m being pretty yellow.

If I wish to make an opinion known to the public, I can’t – nor should I … keep my name out of it.


But now, we’re getting too much of that.  Be as free as you want with your speech, but also have the balls to put your name to it.



A few years ago, I watched many posts show up on my Facebook page that originated from some group that called themselves ‘Americans for Justice” or “The People Who Stand” or some other similar nebulous name that would then engage in slamming whoever and whatever their opponent is was.  In most cases, it was difficult to find names of who were the folks behind these types of posts, and the organizations that wrote them.  It didn’t matter how slanted the writing was.  It didn’t matter how accurate or inaccurate the post was – names were hard to find – people who wrote them made it difficult to connect the words to a face and place.


Through the last presidential campaign, we heard names of those who were big donors – and quiet silent ones at that – behind the candidates.  Romney had Sheldon Adelson from Las Vegas, who gave millions to the cause.  Obama had George Soros, the very rich Greek immigrant, filling the coffers of the Obama campaign.  Now, they may have been silent, but they were nonetheless identifiable for who they supported, and for who they were.  And there are more out there that we hear about …. The KOCH brothers come to mind for me.


But then, all those sites that I saw – Did you ever try to hunt down the board of directors of some of them?  Did you seek out names to see who was behind it?  I did – and unfortunately didn’t keep records of who showed up on the various sites – I checked out those who had a conservative and liberal agenda as much as I was drawn to their site – the more vehement their message, the more I doubted them.


So, I ended up discounting these kinds of sites – for their attempts at hiding their forces, for their ability to hide behind their messages without taking the responsibility of what they said.


And now, it has started this year for the races of the 2014 elections.


Of late, I have seen a postings from a group called AMERICAN ENCORE.  (  They have posted items that are distinctly conservative – which is fine.  They oppose certain candidates (particularly Senator Al Franken in Minnesota) and are advancing their own causes… again, that is as fine as you can hope for.


But here’s my problem.  I have gone through the various menus on the AMERICAN ENCORE site.  I can find no board of directors.  I can find no officers no list of donors, no notice of who is making the decisions …or writers, or editors….


Interestingly enough, if you choose to donate to this site – if you make any connection with this site in any way, YOU are to be identified in some very specific ways:  here’s a clip from their privacy policy:


Certain actions and areas of the site may require you to provide personal information.  The personal information we collect may consist of your name, address, phone number, mobile phone number, e-mail address, username, birth year, t-shirt size, hat size, and personal statement or similar information. By submitting personal information to us, you agree that we may use the information in accordance with this privacy policy.


Now, you tell me.  Is it not fair to expect THEM to be as forthcoming with THEIR identity as they expect me to be?



I must say this… I DO INDEED find a name.  A man named SEAN NOBLE shows up in the MEDIA section of the menu… and from what I can tell, he is the mouthpiece of AMERICAN ENCORE … and it also seems he’s of similar thought – again, that’s fine…..


But I must also protest that those funding and supporting this site need to identify themselves clearly.   There is a freedom of speech, and with it comes the responsibility of that speech.  If you say it, claim it.


That’s all I want – and I said it at the beginning of this article. .  Be as free as you want with your speech, but also have the balls to put your name to it.


By the way, my name is Charles Johnson.