Here’s a story about a couple named Chisholm who live on a yacht in Florida and have been collecting welfare from Minnesota and a couple other states.  They are ABLE to be on their own, they have their own holdings, they are lying deep and wide about almost all their living quarters and their financial holdings.  What I want to know is how do we find yokels like this and bring them to justice?  We see so many postings online about how those on welfare legitimately are caught scamming the system, and how those folks are so deeply vilified for such crimes ….  As a teacher, I have had many students who were part of the welfare system… and maybe some of them were part of families that scammed it some… but they at least were doing so to get along a little better, not like this dang YACHT FAMILY that is doing so out of raw greed.  Let’s toast these grubbers.


Then maybe we need to apply some of this anger to businesses and companies that use government funding above and beyond what they really need.  I have no trouble having our government helping companies get up and running, but when those companies and their leaders overstep and misuse such funding should also be reviewed and taken to task… and to say there aren’t companies out there like that is like saying there aren’t families out there like the Chisholms in the news story that prompted this particular item in the first place.




On a less political plane, last night’s episode of THE GOOD WIFE sure caught the attention of Wilma, me and the whole watching public.  No one suspected the death of Will was in the works… apparently actor Josh Charles (who we also saw in his young years as a student in DEAD POET’S SOCIETY and of that good TV show SPORTS NIGHT) had chosen to leave the show, so they had to find a way to write him out…


Well, write him out they did – and rather successfully.  I applaud the writers for having the guts to employ such a shocking story line – and they did it well.  The main characters – with the exception of Alicia (Julianna Margulies) – responded so very well … gasps of disbelief from Diane and Kalina… and so on… It is good to see some true dramatic writing and acting instead of the pile of baloney we see on the reality shows that draw our country’s attention as if THAT stuff matters.




Let’s end today’s blog with a personal preference.  I am a baseball fan – always have been.  I will choke down a winter menu of football, basketball, bowling and maybe some golf, but once baseball is here, I am all set and ready for a full 162 game season and the playoffs and World Series to follow.


I am a TWINS fan…always have been.  I don’t care a ripadeedodah if they do well or if they flop like a carp.  I will be pulling for Maurer to make it at first base.  I will root for the starting pitchers to have at least 3 of them get to 12 wins.  I look for a Cinderella story of some player to have a stellar season that non one predicts.


If they make the playoffs, well  then, all the better.  I plan to take in some games this summer – so I may just be calling some of you (Casey, Dave, Jon, another Jon, Thor) to get out and get to some games.


Bring on baseball.  Please!