First, I will echo what I just read on Facebook, where a man named Seamus explained why he doesn’t celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.  He talked about how the day has been diluted and trivialized over time.  He spoke of how we’ve seen the original practices and traditions of the day, how they had meaning, how they were revered.


Like I said, I echo this thought.  I am so very tired of seeing absolutely every TV news team adorn themselves in green, make comments about green beer, and sell themselves as being so Irish — even if their name may be Sven or Bjorn or Holly or Mumbasa.


And let us extend the thought to other holidays…. Religious and secular alike.


When is the last time you were stirred to tears by the flag or the playing of TAPS on Memorial Day?  Heck, when’s the last time you WENT to a Memorial Day event?


When is the last time you enjoyed the events on a Fourth of July – the parade, the fireworks, a nice family picnic… instead of the folderol of politicians on foot, of cardboard Yankee Doodle hats….


When did you really enjoy the kids who came to your door on Halloween, and realized that it is JUST a fall holiday, something that is just for fun.   Aren’t you tired of the stories of the mischief – even the anticipated news stories about such tomfoolery?


When did you last review the history of our Thanksgiving?  Or laid off slamming Christopher Columbus?  Or honored the workers that had a big part in building this country – whether you support the ideas of unions or not?


Have you had it up to here with Easter Egg rolls and bunnies and clucking animals looking to sell Cadbury chocolates?  Whether you adhere to Christianity or not, have you allowed the respect that Easter represents?  For that matter, how about leaving the wassail bowl and the shopping WAAAAAYY before Christmas – and again, whether you adhere or not, giving Christmas Day its due?


‘Nuff said about all of that – next:


The guy who started the Westwood Church down in Kansas is apparently on death’s door…. And I have to take up and agree with my niece who wishes we leave him pass in peace – no counter protests or demonstrations – no ‘we’ll show him now that he’s gone’ kind of thing … He may have been a source of a great deal of hate, of misdirected theological thought, of some very uncomfortable actions – but you know, let us allow all that to die with him.  Despite all the controversy he stirred up, love will be stronger force than anything he may have perpetrated.


And now ….


I feel so sorry for the passengers on Malaysian flight 370.  I don’t know what I would do if a loved one were on that flight.  How astonishing it is that in this day of such wonderful achievements in technology that we can lose so many people and such a large aircraft – let’s hope for a quick answer to the disappearance of flight 370.