I really do enjoy those awards programs.  I enjoy seeing the celebrities, the silly moments, the klutzy speeches and the good ones – and the segment where they pay tribute to those who have gone on to the great white stage in the sky.  So, please take this with this in mind: it is just an awards program – my opinion matters no more or less than yours.


I will start off by saying I’m not an Ellen fan.  The lady just bothers me – and I didn’t like it when she had her sitcom and used it – and her position that came with it – to advance her causes.  She can be pretty funny, there is no doubt of that.  The whole pizza thing and the now-viral selfie pic just did nothing for me.  I have mentioned on my Facebook page that those bits were annoying in the same way that little kids would float sticks down a gutter only to plug up the storm grate, flooding the neighbor’s yard – fun for the kids, annoying for the neighbors.  So I will now shut up about Ellen.  She did fine, I wish it had been someone with a little more  thought and imagination into the job – and a little less ‘cutesy’.


And more comments –


What was Jim Carrey trying to do?  Sort of a Bruce Dern impression, but it didn’t quite make it the way Mr. Carrey used to be able to crank out a Henry Fonda impression as Norman Thayer in ON GOLDEN POND…


The Music – Pharrell Williams was okay.  Pink BLEW me away – so very novel to see a contemporary pop star sing an old classic like SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW so respectfully and heartfelt.  The Divine Ms. Bette Midler still brings it, still sells it.  Whatsername (a la John Travolta clobbering her name) was okay, but hey, she had to follow the novel PINK and the solid Midler….


I sure felt uncomfortable with Kim Novak’s appearance.  I certainly give her kudos for coming out and presenting an award – but ufta, just a shade too much plastic surgery scalpel…. And she’s hurt her voice somehow.


The program could be shortened up some by putting a good deal of the technical awards over at the pre-Oscar ceremony with the other technical awards.  It’s a judgment call here – but I don’t think we needed to see ALL of them.  The winners, almost to a person, approached the stage as if fossilized and then considered themselves as able as anyone to make speeches…. NOT.


So glad to see Sally Field – she is consistently Sally Field, all the way.  Same voice, same appearance, same personality.


Emma Watson isn’t a little girl any more.  She has become quite the striking young lady.


I thought the segments about the ‘heroes’ in our movies were interesting –


Kevin Spacey presented a nice tribute to those who won the special awards – Angela Lansbury, who still has class at 88 years old, to Steve Martin, Renaissance Man, and to Angelina Jolie, who I have yet to figure out, to tell you the truth.


We will see LOTS more of Lupita L’Yongo, who won the best supporting actress award… she delivered a deeply impassioned speech that left a good impression for many.

Bill Murray snuck in a tribute to his recently late pal Harold Ramis – which was totally appropriate.  The two had made SO many great movies together that the personal touch from Murray was well within the bounds of taste.


Whoopie’s tribute to THE WIZARD OF OZ and the children of Judy Garland was a nice little piece, and like I said, followed up by a great PINK performance.


I was a bit disappointed in the “IN MEMORIAM” segment… I wanted to hear the audience applaud as the different names and faces came up.  Fortunately, Bette Midler came out and tied that segment up in a nice little song.


Goldie Hawn…. Tell me she’s not trying to be Kim Novak’s little sister….


The best ovation of the night?  Out came Angelina, with Mr. Sidney Poitier at her side.  She deserves some kudos, yes, but hey, the audience went nuts for Mr. P and should have.


The best moment was Matthew McConaughey very humble and well thought out speech.  Thank you, sir for some reality from the depths of Tinseltown.


To wrap it up, Ellen was okay, and did no damage to her own career.  The stars were the stars, the usual bits happened, and the night was too long.