It is the last full day that we have to take in the San Diego – and we have chosen to take in the last of the La Jolla area and one more sunset on the beach.  But first, breakfast.


Back to the Pacific Beach area – and the World Famous Restaurant.  We have been here twice before; our first day, and then with Lita and Brian.  This time, (about 10 am….) it was for their breakfast that we had heard about from some of the folks we’ve run into.  We were not disappointed at all!  I had a traditional breakfast- 3 eggs over hard, some sausage and a pile of hashbrowns – and I can say It was one of the best restaurant breakfasts I’ve ever had.  Usually I find myself leaving eggs when they cool, but these were so good and they somehow managed to stay warmer, so finished them.  The hashbrowns were crispy and tasty, and the sausage had a good zippy flavor…. Top it with coffee and the fact that we were sitting at a window and watching the morning waves come in, and you have a very nice way to start the day.


Back up the road to La Jolla – this time intent on parking nearer to Scripps Park – and hey, don’t you know – mission accomplished.  Previously, we had walked the south half of the area, and we were fortunate to park right at the point where we had stopped the other day.  In short, we left off from where we stopped and got ourselves some good sightseeing.

jan 29 lj looking to the cliffs        SONY DSC

First, the harbor seals.  There’s a spot they call “The Children’s Pool”- a sort of breakwater that circles a bit of beach where a good solid group of seals had chosen to wiggle themselves onto the sand for a nap – I counted 70 of them laying there.  Odd shapes, most of them absolutely still as they slept off a night of fishing – and a few moving around, some caterpillaring their way across the sand, some in the water, sleek and speedy.  AS we walked to the end of the breakwater, we were also able to get down to the tide pool area, where even more seals were pulling themselves out of the water – giving me some fun photo ops.

jan 29 closeup seal 08

After a good amount of time, we continued north through Scripps Park – more cliffs, surfers to watch, breakers to be amazed at, and yet another small beach to see.   There were gardens, tall palm trees, and blue skies.  Unfortunately, our parking space was good for three hours, so we strolled back to the car.


jan 29 lj tidepool charlie 03 jan 29 lj tidepool sue 01

Our intention was to head to Prospect Avenue, find a parking spot, and take in a drink on the rooftop of a restaurant… but, between construction and no parking spaces, we decided to head back to Pacific Beach to end our day.


There, we witnessed one more water sport – windboarding.  There were several athletes out there, pulled around by the wind and totally enjoying the sport.  Wilma sat in her beach chair, I sat on a blanket – and we reveled in our last day.  The sun went down in one final salute to our trip, and we returned to our apartment to do some cleaning, pack, and get a good night’s sleep.


UP early, catch a cab, fly back to Minnesota, and that ends this vacation.


I already feel the warmth calling me.  Here’s hoping that’s soon.