Since we barely touched La Jolla with Lita and Brian a week ago, Wilma and I thought we’d go back up there, find more beaches, and search out whatever else La Jolla had to offer us.  Also, we would be meeting my cousin Karen Ellis, whom I had never met.  That’s the day in a nutshell.


After gassing up the car, we headed up to La Jolla via the streets along the ocean, starting with Mission Boulevard.  We headed north, finding that street becoming La Jolla Boulevard once we got far enough north.  Eventually, we found ourselves employing the roads as close to the ocean as we could get..  We got as close as we could to the downtown area where we had lunch with Lita and Brian and decided to park.

jan 28 lj seal 15

We pulled into a diagonal parking space and took to walking.  WE were just south of an area where we could take in the views of the ocean, looking over the cliffs and across the waters of La Jolla Cove.  We were due to meet cousin Karen at noon, so we strolled along the cliffs for some time.  We managed to get to the “Children’s pool, where the harbor seals congregate, lolling on the sand as they amused us with their ways of moving across the beach.


Before we knew it, it was time to head up inland to meet up with cousin Karen.  This is where the GPS truly led us exactly to our destination.  Out of La Jolla, a bit north up THE 5, then inland on the Ted Williams freeway, eventually finding our way to Karen’s daughter’s home – in a very unique housing development – the houses are close together, sharing their fronts with another group of homes with a sidewalk between the two rows.  The houses are accessible by cars at their rear, so the fronts of the houses are absolutely safe for strolling and walking … its not a great deal of space, but it is certainly unique…..

jan 28 Karen Charlie Sue

WE arrived at the house right on time, Karen greeting us with joy and happiness, which I hope we returned in kind.  Karen is the daughter of Gordon Ruud – and sister of Margaret and Sonia, who we had seen two days earlier.  We jumped in the car and headed to the Karl Strauss Brewing Company, a local micro-brewery near there – and had a nice lunch, getting to know each other as we visited about being teachers, family ties – and finding out that Karen had a unique education as a child, including some time in Minneapolis, Paris and Madagascar…. Not many folks can claim such a pedigree of their years in school!  We dined over some good food as she got to know us and we got to know her … a certain instance where even though we had never met, the family ties that indeed bound us were strong and healthy.  We ended with a good session of hugs as we dropped her off at her daughter’s home, with promises of staying in touch and words of thanks for a fine time together….





Back to La Jolla we went, where we found ourselves at the site of the parasailing school… we took the opportunity to watch a few of the fliers practice their launches and their control skill of their parachutes… very interesting to watch!


We slowly worked our way south to our apartment, stopping at several spots along the ocean to watch the waves and maybe catch a sunset – and hey, a very long run by a surfer.  One more day to come, and then home we come.