On the northwest side of Point Loma lies Ocean Beach – of the beaches we’ve been to, this one is not as expansive, but offers a few other features.


The pier is by far the largest we’ve seen.  Not only does it go out quite a ways, but there are two arms at the end, one to the north and one to the south.  About 2/3s of the way down, there’s a small sitdown restaurant, and yes, even public bathrooms.  Fishing from the pier is encouraged as well.  We were able to park at the foot of the pier, giving us good access to either side of the pier and the area.

Oh yes… a fun thing.  A young couple was there on the pier, running a remote control drone with a camera attached.  I assume they were taking pictures of the surfers.


To the south of the pier is a nice, large expanse of a rock ledge, just about at water level, which makes for some nice walking territory.  I assume one can walk from the Ocean Beach pier all the way to the Sunset Cliffs on those rock ledges.  As we walked, several stairs were provided to get back up to the street level, or platforms built to allow passage all along the way.

SONY DSC  jan 25 0b greener rocks

The rock ledge side – an opportunity to get close to the water, to see the breakers crash, to see small puddles of water… I think we were there at low tide, giving us the chance to see tidal pools.  A good many folks were enjoying the few sandy spaces along the ledge, as well as herds of surfers out on the waves, ready to be propelled towards the hard, stony ledges.


We spent a good hour walking along the rocks, and then chose to take a staircase up to the street, where we walked our way back to the pier.  We strolled along the street, noting some very nice homes and even a bed and breakfast.  Once back to the pier, we went to the car, claimed our beach supplies and claimed some footage just north of the pier.


The surf was high today – so it made for some interesting sights.  The lifeguards had to go out and help a swimmer in- the usual gangly lifeguard running with his little red float, just like on Baywatch.  However, he had an interesting assistant.  Out on the waves, another lifeguard was sitting aboard a jet ski, ready to wend his way among the waves to give a ride to a struggling swimmer.  I’m glad it wasn’t me.


Each of us took a walk during the time … Wilma walked first, getting a chance to wade in the water – “Cold!” She said.  When I walked, I went back towards the first street along the beach, noting the restaurants and shops.  Back to Wilma I went, where we watched the water, listened to the surf, smelled the ocean, tasted the salt in the air, and felt the warm sun on our faces.

We left with enough time to beat the crowd.  Well, all I can say is WRONG!  Traffic was pretty dense for several blocks – but once we cleared it, we sailed clearly back  home for another night’s sleep.