We’re back from a two week vacation in San Diego.  We enjoyed the weather, driving around was easy, the food good – and I’ll let the travelogues I’m posting address the trip.  So I’ll use this weekly journal entry to rant a little – sort of.


ITEM 1 – We flew out to San Diego and back on Sun Country Airlines.  I know what some folks will tell me – we need the security system in place to protect us from those ‘terrorists’ out there.  We can’t let them blow up any more planes … that’s what we’re told when it comes to questioning the security at the airports.


But really … I need to take off my shoes and belt, I need to bag up my toiletries and present them visibly to the authorities.  My body gets to be x-rayed.  IN a more general sense, we hear stories about little old ladies being frisked – or little kids being scanned and hand frisked.


And all for security.  I get that …. But here’s the contradiction for me.


There’s that thing in the bill of rights that says I should not be subject to unreasonable searches.  That’s where I put some of the steps of the whole airport scanning.  My belt?  Removed?  It will hold up my pants, not an airplane.  My personal stuff scanned and investigated.  That word “unreasonable” seems to apply here.


And here’s the twist – I know some people who fly many miles a year who accept this as ‘the cost we pay in this world of terrorism”.  Well, some of these people are the same ones who say “You can take my gun when you pry it out of my cold dying hands.”  HOW CAN YOU COMPROMISE SO EASILY ON ONE BILL OF RIGHTS MATTER AND BE SO STOLID ABOUT ANOTHER?  That makes no sense to me.


ITEM  2 – Big deal.  They sang AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL in something other than English.  They SANG our song!  That’s a good thing.  I am equally proud that the officials of the latest Super Bowl went with some class and had opera singer Renee Fleming sing the Star Spangled Banner.


ITEM 3- Our TV stations here in Minnesota get a big kick – and so do many people around this country – out of making news of some high school kid signing letters of intent to play a sport for a big college somewhere.  Two things about this:  First off, they’re just kids!  18 or 19 years old at the max, and they’re getting state news coverage for signing a piece of paper with no guarantee that they’ll be even marginally good at the college level.  Secondly, a question:  How come we don’t see the same coverage for the high school musician who gets accepted to one of the big music schools?  How about that kid who scored a perfect 1600 on the SAT?  Where’s the coverage for such achievement?


Enough said for the day … I’m a day late because I was a bit ill yesterday, but here it is, week 5 of 2014.  See you in another week.