SONY DSC(With friends Lita and Brian)


Its like this – Lita and I have known each other since kindergarten.  We have been in touch with each other ever since then.  We have been there for each other in so many ways… college graduations, weddings, children – and so She and Brian drove all the way from Eastern Arizona to spend a few days with us… and that’s the focus of this part of my San Diego Travelogue.


The two of them got into town Sunday night, so we grabbed supper with them at a Thai restaurant near their hotel – which was well within walking distance of our apartment.  Good food, too – lots of rice and seafood and interesting spices.


We got up the next morning and walked over to their room … loaded up their ‘kids’ (their two dogs, who are the glory of their lives….) and headed north to see the Torrey Pines area and the La Jolla area.

jan 20 lb dog beach 01 SONY DSC

In a matter of 20 minutes, we were at the north gate of the Torrey Pines park, but there was the sign: No Dogs… we exit that place (parking fees were 15 bucks anyway….) and found a dog beach at Del Mar – a nice place with a high cliff.  A nice trail provided access to the top of the cliff, so I got some good photos….


Next we drove into La Jolla proper to find some lunch.  Right in town is Prospect street, which is pretty much the main street through downtown – full of restaurants of all types.  We eventually selected THE HAKE, an eating establishment of good quality.  The dogs weren’t the only ones in the place .. but we did sit outside in the seating provided there, which was just fine with us.


At the conclusion of the meal, we walked down to the La Jolla Cave, where we checked out the first of the cliffs in that area, even finding a small group of seals.  Quite the view.


Back down to Lita and Brian’s motel – and Wilma and I walked home, jumped in the car and headed to the beach again for the sunset.  We sat on benches in a park just north of the Pacific Beach Pier where we watched a sun set behind a large bank of clouds, so there weren’t a great deal of photo opportunities for me….


The next day, we picked up Lita and Brian in our car … they left the dogs at a kennel just down the street from their motel… and headed to our whale watching reservation.  We stopped first at the WORLD FAMOUS restaurant down on Pacific Beach and had a nice lunch, and then motored down to the whale watching location in Mission Bay.  Our boat, THE PRIVATEER, sailed out of the SEAFORTH SPORTFISHING dock, through the harbor and out into the ocean, where the surf was pretty big – and the waves pretty rocky.


But it was a good, safe, trip.  It was a small contingent of passengers so it was easy to move around the two levels on the boat – and yes, we saw whales!  In our 2 ½ hours out, we saw three or four different gray whales who showed themselves for us – there are pictures here for you to enjoy, and even a video….


We came in a bit early because our boat captain was a bit nervous about the wave conditions – and because we came in early, we got coupons for a discount on later trips… left those in the apartment for whoever goes in there next ….


Upon landing, we took off in the car again, this time heading for the Pacific Beach Pier.  Wave conditions were such that the length of the pier was closed down – so we stood at the entrance of the pier and looked out across the beach, both north and south.  After taking in the sights a bit, and after walking the boardwalk some, we drove them back to the motel and then home.  It was good to spend time with them – always good to see old friends.